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Grant Baker wins at the first stop of the Big Wave World Tour


Grant Baker has conquered the 2013 Punta Galea Challenge, near Getxo, in Spanish Basque Country.

The first event on the Big Wave World Tour got underway under beautiful sunny skies and perfect swell conditions, in the 15-30 feet plus range.

The South African big wave rider collected two 9.67-point scores to clinch the European contest, ahead of Nic Lamb, Ken Collins, Adur Letamendia, Ramon Navarro and David Bustamante.


From John John's perspective and it's unique, of course.

Who else better to give us the low down on JJF than himself at his favorite spot? You can see from how John John describes his waves at the Pipe Masters that he's so familiar with Pipe. So familiar with what is definitely not familiar to 99.9999% of the surfing planet. We wish it could be us talking about our local surf spot. Merry Christmas!


Kauai's Malia Manuel adds new shoe sponsor

Malia Manuel © O'Neill

Malia Manuel joins division of Deckers Outdoor

Surf News, 23 December,  Irvine, California - Christmas comes early for Sanuk, a division of Deckers Outdoor Corporation as the brand officially unwraps the one thing on its wish-list: welcoming professional surfer Malia Manuel to its star-studded squad of brand ambassadors and athletes. 

"I am excited to join Sanuk and to share with the world how comfortable and awesome the product is,” said Malia.


Surfing & the New York Times

Surfboard Design, Catching a Wave From Old Hawaii


In 2008, Dan Malloy, a professional surfer, received a package in the mail from Australia. In it was a thin, rectangular slab of wood with one rounded edge. It was a board like none he had ever seen, remarkable for being so slender and for lacking contours or fins.

Mr. Malloy, then living in Lompoc, Calif., took the board to a nearby surf break. He propelled himself into a wave, stood and then panicked. “I thought, ‘Oh, this wave is way too fast for me, and there’s no chance I can make it,’ ” said Mr. Malloy, who has surfed for decades. But he did make it, and soon was gliding effortlessly through the water — and really fast.


The consequences of big waves by Greg Long

Exactly one year after his accident at Cortes Bank, Greg Long gives a raw and honest account of the wipeout that nearly killed him, and the subsequent lessons learned about life, love and having fun.

It is from the greatest challenges and the hardest times in our lives that we learn and grow the most. One year ago I nearly lost my life pursuing my passion for riding big waves. Some say I am the most prepared big-wave surfer in the world, but the one thing I never prepared myself for was the day that I would question my ability and love for the one thing I felt I was put on this planet to do, ride big waves.


A recap of the March against Monsanto in Haleiwa last weekend

World’s Best Surfers Fight Monsanto and GMOs in Haleiwa Protest


“All people have to do is look this ish up, and you will be pissed,” said Mark Healey, a man who has made a global reputation by surfing some of the largest waves on the planet. Today, Mark is standing in the pouring rain at the Haleiwa Beach Park on the North Shore of Oahu with a band of 1,000 local residents and professional surfers protesting the use of GMOs in Hawaii. This crowd wants multinational chemical and agriculture corporations like Monsanto to leave. The signs make that clear:

GMO = Herpes. Eddie Wouldn’t GMO. Don’t be a GMHO. Monsanto Mo’ Problems. Poisoning for Profit.







(Kaka‘ako, HI) Hurley and Contrast Magazine are proud to present the 5th annual The Anti Canvas: a showcase of boardshort art for charity on Saturday December 21, 2013 at Honolulu Night Market, an all-ages, block party held on the third Saturday of every month from 6-11pm. 


Aloha means Giving Back no matter what the season.

When Dave Kelly and the Hawaiian South Shore Ohana heard the news they were mad and sad. Here's Access Surf, one of Hawaii's most awesome community concepts & non profits, getting ripped off blind by some selfish idiot. Yes, not 1 but 2 'expensive' customized surfboards fitted for disabled, stolen. Hows that? Well, if you know Dave, he's not one to sit around and watch life happen; he makes things happen. And when lifes unfair, he's there to make it right, especially if its for the surfing community. Here's what he told me.


Any guesses how many Vans Triple Crowns JJF will get over his career?

Florence displayed mastery at Pipe but is also good enough at Ali'i and Sunset to claim his 2nd Triple Crown. He just turned 21 in October. I'm going to give it a shot and say (baring injury) JJF will nail 3 more Triple Crowns and 5 Pipe Masters not to leave out 3 World Titles if he stays on tour for more than 10 or more years. Gary Kewley.

Generating momentum over the course of three events, Florence turned the race on its head at Pipeline, besting the world’s top surfers to clench his second esteemed title on the North Shore of Oahu.

“I’m so happy to have won the Triple Crown,” says John John Florence. “The first year, I wasn’t really thinking about it, I was just having fun...."


ASP Top 34 Finalized for 2014 ASP World Championship Tour Season

With the completion of the Billabong Pipe Masters in Hawaii yesterday and the crowning of Mick Fanning (AUS), 32, as the 2013 ASP World Champion, this season’s ASP World Championship Tour (WCT) has drawn to a dramatic close.

In a year that witnessed the world’s best surfers compete at Snapper Rocks, Bells Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Tavarua, Keramas, Teahupo’o, Trestles, Hossegor, Peniche and the Banzai Pipeline, 2013 not only hosted an incredible battle between Fanning and 11-time ASP World Champion Kelly Slater (USA), 41, for the world surfing crown, but also a fierce fight in terms of qualification and requalification for next year’s elite tour.


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