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Watch KHON 2 Vanessa Stewart: Surfing icon, "Buttons" loses fight with lung cancer.

Revered for his smooth yet eccentric style, Buttons set new standards for progressive surfing. Photo: Maassen

About two months ago, surfing legend "Buttons" fight against lung cancer began.

It had already spread all over his body.

"We wanted to explore all possibilities that we can to fight this battle and to conquer it,"  Kaluhiokalani's wife Hiriata Hart said.

He was then admitted to Saint John's hospital in Santa Monica California to fight the disease with a holistic approach.

Adding to the problem, doctors found Buttons also had pneumonia....Please see the entire story and interview with Makua Rothman. GO HERE


Montgomery 'Buttons' Kaluhiokalani passes away in California Saturday morning Nov2 2013

Hawaiian set the standard for radical skate-inspired surfing in the 1970s

The Surfing World and Hawaii lose a legend. 2 November, 2013 : Over the clicking of a celluloid reel, a stiff narrator says about  Montgomery “Buttons” Kaluhiokalani "Sometimes his surfing is so radical, it makes him look like a wizard casting spells over the waves." Today at age 55 Buttons passed as a result of complications related to lung cancer.

In the 1970s Buttons, along with Mark Liddell and Larry Bertlemann took the shortboard revolution to the next level with radical skate-inspired maneuvers. Buttons polished his act with switch-stance off-the-lips, 360s and laybacks - moves that were incredibly futuristic at the time.


Reef Clash of the Legends names four finalists

As the North Shore of Oahu readies for the Triple Crown of Surfing season, Reef announces that Kaipo Jaquias, Brad Gerlach, and Michael Ho will be competing with defending champ, Sunny Garcia in the Reef Clash of the Legends at the Reef Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa, Nov 12-23.


DAY 3 is ON for Friday + Day 2 Recap of HIC Pro with Tahitian teen Keoni Yan

Aspiring talent is easily lost in the sea of highly publicized international surfing stars and world title events these days. But it's qualifying competitions like the HIC Pro, currently underway at Sunset Beach, that are both the bread and butter of those working to climb the ranks, and rare opportunities to learn to perform at world famous venues like this. It was an opportunity that Tahitian teenager Keoni Yan, 18, seized with both hands today.


Catching up with JJF


John John Florence’s title hopes were dashed early in the season, but that hasn’t stopped him from being one of the most celebrated surfers on tour this year, beginning with his performance at Fiji.

John John Florence has been one of the most intriguing additions to the ASP World Tour in decades. In 2012, his first full season competing at the elite level, the 19-year-old Hawaiian came within striking distance of the world title. Not surprisingly, he was expected to be in the hunt this year, but an early season injury at the Quiksilver Pro put an immediate end to those plans.


Laird Hamilton calls into question Burle's beast

Carlos Burle (left) on October 28, 2013 next to Garrett McNamara's ride from 2012
(Garret withdrew his entry from the Billabong XXL that year.) © To Mane

While the world cries 'biggest wave ever ridden' Laird pauses, offers insight

30 October, 2013 :  Laird Hamilton recently talked to CNN about Carlos Burle's monster wave caught at Nazare on October 28. In the interview Hamilton calls into question whether Burle can claim the biggest wave title on a wave he did not complete - Burle made the drop to the bottom and was doing fine but got mowed down a short while later by an immense wall of whitewater.

"First of all, to set a world record you need to make the wave," said Hamilton. "I believe Carlos did not make the wave."


Sunset Beach lights up for HIC Pro launch

Ian Walsh © LaSerena Media

Maui's Ian Walsh sets the standard at HIC Pro

Surf News, 29 October, 2013 : Maui's Ian Walsh, 30, scored his first - and last - professional surfing victory here at Sunset Beach eight years ago. Since then, a focus on riding giant waves has consumed much of his attention, making him one of the sport's least decorated but most recognized athletes in the world.

Today, back at Sunset Beach, a near-perfect opening performance at the HIC PRO, presented by Vans, showed he is clearly one of the most talented surfers to ever emerge from Hawaii. But three more days of competition and close to 100 surfers still stand between him and victory.


Nazaré in Portugal could host the new world record

Nazaré North Canyon © Hélio Valentim

Portuguese spot delivers one of the biggest swells in memory

29 October: Portugal's Nazaré North Canyon came to life on October 28th with a giant swell and an international roster of tow teams. Carlos Burle, Sylvio Mancusi, Rodrigo Koxa, Maya Gabeira, Felipe "Gordo" Cesarano, Hugo Vau, Eric Rebiere, Pedro Scooby, Andrew Cotton and Garrett McNamara all took turns whipping into some of the largest waves seen to date at the famed spot.

World record holder Garret McNamara opted to drive the ski instead of drop in, citing that he just didn't feel safe enough. Standouts Carlos Burle, Maya Gabeira & Andrew Cotton caught monsters that day while Maya Gabeira went on to barely survived a horrific wipeout.


HIC PRO is ON for Tuesday with 6' NW at Sunset! Score Day One.


Sunset Beach turned on the world class wave spigot today and is set to pump out solid surf for the remainder of the week, potentially seeing the $95,000 HIC PRO, presented by Vans, run to a finish in four successive days, starting tomorrow and crowning a champion on Friday. The gateway to the North Shore's world famous winter surf season, the HIC PRO is particularly important for local Hawaii surfers - who comprise the majority of the field - as it is a local qualifier for the upcoming Vans Triple Crown of Surfing (November 12 to December 20).




Maya’s accident occurred by 7:15am when she took off on one of the biggest waves she’s ever ridden, had a heavy wipe out and was submerged for a several minutes in huge stormy seas. It was a very serious situation as an attempt was made to rescue her but her limp body was dragged from the surf after she became unconscious. Maya was given emergency CPR and rushed to a Leiria hospital. It’s been confirmed that she’s stable and recovering in hospital.


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