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Today was also a dream come true for the Vans family, who brought John and the Florences into the fold when he was eight years old. At that time they recognized a child with prodigious talent, a gentle nature, and a genuine appreciation for the ocean and the fortunate opportunities it represented.
A Cup Full of Dreams. John John Florence (Hawaii).Credit: ASP/Kirstin
"Vans has a long tradition of family, from the Van Dorens to the Florences, and John has been part of our family since he first learned to surf," said Doug Palladini, Vans' VP of Marketing. "We are so proud of what John accomplished today, what he has done to live up to his potential this year, and we marvel at the possible impact he will ultimately have on surfing beyond his 19th year."

BUSHMAN with Aloha Update

North Shore Shaper Jeff Bushman, Big Wave Gun Specialist

North Shore of Oahu is filled with a variety of options for purchasing a new surfboard. You can find a used one on craiglist or hunt one down at a surf shop. Personally, I like to go the custom route where you place an order with a local shaper and get exactly what you want.

Jeff Bushman has shaped several boards for me and he’s someone I put a lot of trust in. He takes the time to listen and always does his best. He’s been on the north shore building surfboards for over 30 years and has grown as a shaper with several generations of surfers. When you combine that experience with his passion for surfing and drive to understand surfboards, you get one of the best shapers in Hawaii.


8-12 Foot Sunset at the Vans World Cup. Dane nabs highest total


HONOLULU (Dec. 1, 2011) -- When he's on, he's really on. Dane Reynolds (Ventura, CA) took a gnarly Sunset day by the horns today, and put on the show of the contest in the final heat of the Vans World Cup of Surfing's Round of 64. His turns were on point, his carves were outrageous.
Bombing 10- to 12-foot Sunset was a surfer's battlefield, claiming more than its share of high seeds. While many were prepared to push themselves to the edge to advance, Reynolds did what he always does: tunes into the beat of his own drum.



Ten point rides are rare and when they happen the crowd out in the beach goes crazy. A perfect 10 is the ultimate surfing goal in competition. Surfers know than only a well selected wave and complete maneuvers will get the maximum score.

Perfect 10 wave rides require commitment, difficulty, combination of old and new school moves, innovative and progressive style, major maneuvers, variety, speed, power and flow. With all these variables you may decide to claim the ride.

If there's a ranking for the surfers who've had the most 10-point rides, then Kelly Slater would be on top. One of the best Perfect 10's in the history of surfing was scored in the 2010 Quiksilver Pro France.

Slater was battling a giant, windy and choppy ocean when a right-hander comes. He paddles for it, drops in and, a couple of seconds after he steps down from the first floor inside the huge barrel. The crowd can't believe and goes wild as Slater escapes the monster white water.




Supports Local and National Non Profits December 2nd, 3rd, and 4th

Nov 29, 2011 – Haleiwa, Hawaii The second annual North Shore Surf Film Festival strives to bring support and awareness to various national and local Hawaii non profits, during the three day Festival. Mauli Ola Foundation, North Shore Lifeguard Association, Rell Sunn Bronze Memorial and Guitars In The Classroom Hawaii will all be a part of the Festival and on site to share their vision.



Pancho Sullivan (HAW) looked to be sitting too deep but his local knowledge got him through to Round 3. © ASP/Cestari

Tough Day at Sunset for Vans World Cup Seeds.        

HONOLULU (Nov. 28, 2011) -- On the heels of yesterday's surf-to-survive conditions, Sunset Beach served up tamer waves in the double-overhead range, but competition in the Vans World Cup of Surfing was no less intense.



Surfing is becoming a global spectacle. We've  watched Bruce Irons taking on flare surfing in the dark. What comes next?

This time, airships have entered the world of wave riding. The French surfing community is stoked with the production of the upcoming surf movie.



Sunday November 27, 2011. Vans World Cup of Surfing, Sunset Beach North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii.

Sunset Local Panco Sullivan of the North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii (pictured) stamped his dominance over the field at Sunset Beach, powering through his round one heat to advance in first place on Sunday November 27, 2011.


VANS WORLD CUP IS OVER: John John Florence combos the finalists

4pm:John John Florence wins it and a young legend is born! Again! Vans World Cup of Surfing

 Sunset Beach

The World Cup of Surfing is the second jewel of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. Held at Sunset Beach, the big wave event is steeped in tradition, as the infamously long and shifty wave is held in the highest esteem by big wave surfers around the world.

A true test for any waterman, the waves at Sunset are spread across a huge playing field, which challenges the fitness of the surfers to get in the right spot to catch the best and biggest waves. Notorious for being unruly and complex, only a few dedicated surfers have mastered the lineup and the powerful waves that pour down the point.



Fifty years young, Tommy's still firing
Will Swanton
From:The Australian November 26, 201112:00AM

Former surfing world champion Tom Carroll, who turns 50 today, on his beloved Newport beach in Sydney Picture: Renee Nowytarger Source: The Australian

DOWN his driveway, past a jet-ski the size of a Volvo, around a real Volvo, four boards stacked in a rack on his garage wall, through a Hawaiian jungle of a garden to the front door. The firm handshake of a man's man.


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