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Madness Matters for Mathews


Born to Maroubra stock, raised in the shadow of the Bra Boys, led over the ledge by the infamous Abberton brothers, Mark Mathews is a relatively quiet, unassuming character considering. For as long as people have been negotiating the stair steps at places like Shipsterns Bluff, Ours, Cyclopes and the like, Mathews has been right in the mix, usually supported by longtime mate Richie "Vas" Vaculik. Together the pair star in the new documentary 'Fighting Fear,' Mathews as the kid saved by surfing, Vaculik as the street wise, hard scrabble MMA hopeful. The film premiered in Australia earlier this month, and ESPN Surfing recently caught up with Mathews to get his take on it all.



Pete Cabrinha opens art gallery in Paia

Pete Cabrinha has opened a new art gallery in Paia, Maui. The founder of Cabrinha Kites is an accomplished artist and gets inspiration from the ocean and from all the adventures he went through traveling the world.



Surfer revived after big Pipeline wipe-out

A surfer has been revived by the North Shore lifeguards after a big wipe-out in Banzai Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii. The Floridian surfer from Miami paddled out on a 7'6" Malibu, in challenging Pipeline conditions and didn't handle the power of the local surf break.

"The waves just pounded him," Kaleihao Crabbe told the Honolulu Star Advertiser. "He was blue and he wasn't breathing when they pulled him up on the beach. This type of stuff is completely preventable. Hawaii and its ocean is not a water park. It's a life or death situation out there."

The anonymous surfer was found underwater with the leash attached to his foot. He is recovering at the Queen's Medical Center and is reported to be in stable condition.


Surfing's new Aloha: The growing trend of giving back

Groundswell Society Conference Feb 10-11

'Surfing's New Aloha: The Growing Trend of Giving Back'

  8 January, 2012 : - - Recently surf companies and professional surfers have added a new dimension to the world of riding waves. The spirit of giving as embodied by Duke Kahanamoku is growing through corporate philanthropy. Growing numbers of professional surfers are making significant efforts to give back to the sport that has been so good to them and the communities that support them.


Harold Iggy R.I.P., one of the worlds most experienced and innovative surfboard shapers

Harold Iggy R.I.P., one of the worlds most experienced and innovative surfboard shapers

Harold Iggy R.I.P., died on  Big Wednesay, January 4th from an apparent heart attack.In the sixties,he was a team rider and shaper for Dewey Weber in which he shaped and designed the Weber Performer and around 1970 he designed and shaped the Weber "Pig",a board with an outline that would fit in perfect for today's surfing and could be the first no-nose "wide point way behind center"shortboard ever made.After shaping for various companies like Weber,Rich Parr and Mystic surfboards,He started his own in the early 70's in Pearl City called "The Surfboard Shaping Company".

Ground-breaking two-event China festival starts 2012

Hainan Riyue Bay International Surfing Festival

ISA China Cup
ASP Hainan Classic
Wanning, Hainan Island, China
7 - 14 January 2012

2012 Surfing Contest Calendar to Begin With 'Ground-Breaking' Two-Event Festival in China

  The sport of surfing will have an exciting beginning to the 2012 contest calendar, with the ISA China Cup and the Hainan Classic taking place at Hainan Island in China as part of the Hainan Wanning Riyue Bay International Surfing Festival Presented by Quiksilver.


Jeff Rowley ‘paddles-in’ to 50-foot waves at Peahi “Jaws” becomeing first Australian.

Big wave surfer Jeff Rowley ‘paddles-in’ to historic 50-foot face waves at Peahi “Jaws” and becomes the first Australian to ride the waves without Jet Ski tow-in.All for the rush of surfing and a good cause.Rowley and his girlfriend/videographer Minnie Vuong, from Torquay Victoria, have based themselves in Hawaii for three months to catch and document the monster North Pacific winter storm surf.Rowley and Vuong flew from the island of Oahu to Maui Tuesday night, and arrived at the infamous Peahi ‘Jaws’ cliff top before sunrise to see the 50-60 foot waves (15-18m) for the first time.


Wide open at Jaws...PEAHI paddle session

Jason Murray photo....
Kohl Christensen doing what he does best: steep and deep.paddling into a wave over 20' at Jaws

The revolution may not be televised, but it will be discussed at length on Facebook, splattered across the pages of surf magazines around the globe and prominently featured on websites like the one you are now reading. Big-wave paddle surfing has progressed more in the last five years than in all of history. The once long list of waves formerly considered off limits to paddle surfing is shrinking faster than you can say, "Throw me the tow rope."



Big Wednesday at the Bay. Some went head over heals over the swell! Thanks to Chris Skapik for the shot...

Swell  peaked in the morning with 12-15' with 18' and occas 20' sets(local scale or 20-35' faces). The lips were thick and back breaking. Crowds were typical: ludicrous.GQ.

Check out the Report by: Manolo Morales

Big waves drew a crowd at Oahu's North Shore Wednesday. The northwest swell provided quite a show for the spectators, but it also kept rescue workers on their toes....



January 4, 2012 01:50AM

North Shore, Oahu, HAWAII (Tues. Jan. 3, 2012): Organizers of the Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau say that they are not planning on running the event tomorrow.

"The likelihood is slim to none," said event organizer Glen Moncata. "This is a fast-moving system that will likely peak overnight and drop throughout the day tomorrow. There will be some waves in the 20-foot range overnight, but very little of the 20+ scale that the event mandates tomorrow. It will be a good opportunity for competitors to warm up."


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