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Mike Stewart learns to kitesurf in Gran Canaria

Mike Stewart, the best bodyboarder of all time, has taken his first kitesurfing lessons in Gran Canaria, Spain.

The 9-time world bodyboarding champion from Hawaii has hit the water with the support of a local kitesurfing school and showed enough talent to pursuit a future career in the wind riding sport.



Great footage of one of Hawaii's, therefore the Planet's, greatest watermen of all time



Waterman Shane Dorian gives us the insight of daily life as a family man and one of the worlds leading big wave chargers.Look less than a decade Mr Dorian has had several of the most memorable moments in surf charging history.
From the ground breaking barrells deep in the bowels of Teahupoo Tow surfing, to paddling into the largest wave ever at Peahi (which was after his near death on a huge Mavericks beast). But that was after the biggest paddling ever at Waimea with Mark Healey on Dec 7,2009!
Lets not forget also why he's called Back Dorian and how he did on the world tour on small high performance surfing from 1993-2004.


Twelve for Slater in 2012 worth shouting about

Corky's Blog

For Slater, ‘12 in 2012' worth shouting about

Surf News, 14 January, 2012 :  A constantly asked question in the surfing world these days is "will Kelly Slater go for World Championship number 12 in '12?" This remains to be determined as I understand it.

From what I have heard through the grapefruit vine is that Kelly will compete in the opening event of the new year in the Quiksilver Pro to be held on Australia's Gold Coast from Feb 25 and March 7. The feeling is that it's a "let's see what happens and then go from there" kinda situation.

An interesting side note to this is that the great one will turn 40 years old next month. too. The dude is breaking all kinds of new ground. My personal feeling is that I would like to see him go for one more. I mean, why not? How cool to be so talented that you can stay at the top into your 40s and be able to just be out there on the tour.


Great White Shark in Hawaiian Waters, Kaena Point, Dom & Addison 2 Fishermen, January 12, 2012

By Tim Sakahara

Not to Alarm you but only to Alert you. (also, some language) WAIANAE (HawaiiNewsNow) - For a fisherman it's a great story. Addison Toki got away with his catch and without getting bit by the shark. Plus, he got pictures of a magnificent animal which is a true catch indeed.
It was a close encounter with what Toki says was a 15 foot great white shark. Toki was fishing with boat captain Dominick Gaballo about 5 miles off Yokohama Bay near Kaena Point. He had just pulled a 300 pound marlin into his boat when seconds later he saw the fin.


Reef McIntosh wins the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout 2012

Reef McIntosh has conquered the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout 2012, held in splendid surfing conditions, in Pipeline, Hawaii. Intense heats were surfed in the famous big wave arena, in eight-foot glassy sets. It was an hard fought victory for the Pipe connoisseur. Bruce Irons, Jamie O'Brien and Marcus Hickman were right behind McIntosh until the last surfed wave.

"I just stopped watching because I thought Jamie, and then John, passed me," McIntosh laughed. "I don't want to ever experience that pressure again."


The 2012 Pyramid Rock Body Surfing Championships

The 2012 Pyramid Rock Body Surfing Championships
6th Annual Pyramid Rock Bodysurfing Championship at Marine Corps Base Hawaii holding period is January 14 through February 19. Money raised from this event goes to help the wounded warriors.
With a North Swell and South winds expected...we could get underway early and score this year with epic conditions! SNN has the entry form for you right here. Grab your trunks and fins.



Hainan Classic registers first perfect 10-point score...ISA China Cup

© Photo: ASP/Robertson

First Perfect 10-Point Score of the Hainan Classic Registered by Frenchman Marc Lacomare

Surf News, 12 January, 2012 : - - After yesterday’s conditions, competitors and organizers of the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) 4-Star World Tour Hainan Classic couldn’t have expected much better. But China continues to surprise and impress. When the first heat horn sounded this morning, conditions were bigger, the offshore winds were howling and the big scores started dropping early and often.


Paddling Plea. A personal point of view.

I was impressed by the respect the tow-in community showed the paddlers at Peahi during the big swell Wednesday January 4th. On Oahu that kind of respect is non-existent. A significant number of tow-in folks show the paddlers no respect at all. The ONLY surf spot on Oahu where tow-in surfing is prohibited AT ALL TIMES is Hammerheads. On Tuesday January 3rd while surfing there, on two separate occasions a tow team faded me while I was taking off. The first time I was so shocked I tried to pull back and of course, it was too late, and I ended up going over the falls. My first thought seeing this guy whipping in at me from the channel was not to drop in because I didn’t want to get hurt or hurt somebody else.



Peru’s Sofia Mulanovich Wins Second Individual ISA Gold Medal

Surf News, 10 January, 2012 : - - Hainan Island, China - With 15 minutes to go in the final of the Open Men, Heath Joske was sitting in fourth without a single substantial score. In a matter of minutes, the ocean began sending waves his way and by the final horn he had the rest of the field needing a combination of scores to catch him.

Afterward, he didn’t credit his surfing or heat strategy, his explanation was a bit more lighthearted. “I guess the ocean must have been paying me back,” said Joske, minutes after he was carried from the ocean’s edge upon the shoulders of his Australian teammates. “I picked up a bit of rubbish off the beach the other day, so maybe China’s giving me a bit of respect and payback, thanks Hainan, xie-xie China.”


Ezekial Lau & Briana Cope win the North Shore Surfshop Pro Junior Saturday in solid 6' NW

Complete Results coming for The Finals: Saturday 1/21/ was rippable with lite trades winds and 3-5+' NW swell!  The North Shore Surf Shop Pro Junior  at Sunset Beach. Presented and supported by 596-surf, dahui,,northshore tacos,jerrys pizza,and steves chillers, SNN (and many others).
This is the biggest junior event ever on the north shore with 90 men and 24 women; its an ASP rated mens and womens 4star,with over 35k in cash and prizes!
The event is for surfers under 21.Top junior surfers from hi,usa,jpn,zaf,aust,brz.


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