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Rob Machado and Jamie Mitchell share waves for Reef

Rob Machado and Jamie Mitchell will be sharing waves for Reef, in the next years. The 38-year-old free spirited surfer from California extended his relationship for three more years, as traveling ambassador and market booster.

"Reef has been like family over the years. I'm blessed to have such support and killer product and get to do what I love to do. I'm looking forward to this next chapter", said Machado.



Ross Clarke-Jones enters the Australian Surfing Hall of Fame

Ross Clarke-Jones, the Australian king of big wave surfing, will be inducted as the 34th member of the Australian Surfing Hall of Fame, on the 16th February, in Manly.

Clarke-Jones was born in Sydney in 1966 and rode his first waves at Terrigal, when he was 10 years old. He immediately excelled through juniors and into the professional ranks and, at 19, broke into the elite ASP Tour in 1985.


Monday: the very best SUP surfers in the world stepped up to do battle on day one of the Sunset Beach Pro

Peyo Lizarazu © Waterman's League

Peyo Lizarazu and crew push performance in epic waves at Sunset Beach

Surf News, 13 February, 2012... 6 - 10ft groomed Sunset was the order of the day as the very best in the world stepped up to do battle on day one of the Sunset Beach Pro presented by Malibu & Starboard and in association with Maui Jim. From Heat one on, spectators were kept on the edge of their seats for a display of incredible riding as Sunset Beach stayed true to form and once again delivered the goods.


Julian Wilson wins the 2012 Breaka Burleigh Pro

Sunshine Coast surfer Julian Wilson has taken the 2012 Breaka Burleigh Pro, in an all Queensland final against Mick Fanning, Josh Kerr and Bede Durbidge, at Burleigh Heads.

"It's been an incredible event and I was so looking forward to surfing against any of these guys and we all met in the final which was perfect", says Wilson.

"We enter the event to get ready for the upcoming Quiksilver Pro which begins the World Title season and through every heat here I've increased my performances, dusted away the cobwebs and feel good right now about winning."


Talk Story Series ftg. legendary filmmaker Bruce Brown

First there was Surfer the magazine. Now there’s Surfer, The Bar.  A stage for Hawaiian musicianship.  A soapbox for talkstory. A venue for special events. A podium for awards and accolades.


Talk Story Series ftg. legendary filmmaker Bruce Brown | Hosted by Jodi Wilmott



It started at Turtle Bay and now the Main Event Athletes Prepare to Battle at Sunset Beach

Saturday, 11 February 2012 05:00

OAHU, Hawaii – After 3 lay days since the Da Hui Trials on Monday, athletes are now getting ready for a possible day of action tomorrow as the Main Event will get underway here at the Sunset Beach Pro, presented by Malibu and Starboard and in association with Maui Jim Eyewear. Conditions cleaned up this evening and bode well for an early start tomorrow, although reports of a new swell for Saturday and Sunday might encourage us to hold off. The next call will be at 7am on Friday morning (tomorrow).


Say Aloha as in goodbye to the Haleiwa we know and love?

Aloha All: We all know how bad traffic is already in the country. It's maxed out like code black NW swell. So, now lets put in a Hotel?
Tomorrow, Saturday 2/11, The Hui O He'e Nalu, Friends of Save Haleiwa, Save Sunset Beach Coalition and Friends/Family of Squiddy Sanchez, will be hosting a peaceful protest fronting Haleiwa Beach Mauka park from 10am till 1pm. Purpose is to let Andy Anderson know that we don't want his hotel and molding Haleiwa town into another Waikiki with its over abundance of tourists, rising costs, TRAFFIC and basically removing the country ambiance and feel of the North Shore. Many come to the North Shore to get away from the "hustle & bustle" and relax with their Ohana on the beach or in the parks. We strongly support local business and more jobs, but Haleiwa is a small, quaint town. There is no room for this hotel.

Sometimes after a Surf you dont know what day it is...and you dont really care

Some clean pristine small 2-3' NW got into Traks Thursday 2.9.12 while Country topped out at a stormy 12'; at 11am it was clear and cold with stiff 15-25 NE winds.
The mountains blocked the hardest winds so it stayed smooth at Traks. I got out further west where it was way colder and stiffer offshores at 3-5' solid. One out of 20 set waves would run down the reef just right making it seem like you're on some surf trip.
But then, you got spoiled immediately and thought why cant there be more...and there's too many surfers, and its too cold... blah blah blah...but the rest of my day was much better. 


Lets look back: 'Bruce Almighty' Iron's Perfect 100 in 2004 Quiksilver Eddie Aikau

Look back into the barrelling life of Bruce Iron's Perfect 100 in Quiksilver Eddie Aikau held at Waimea Bay, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii, December 15, 2004. Watch as Bruce survives the critical take-off and takes it right through to a heaving inside shore-break tube ride!
Insanity caught on film by Martino Apollonio. CLICK HERE TO WATCH VID or go next page for the full monte'...Mahalo

Touted as the next great brotherly duo from Kauai, Alex and Koa Smith have been grown up in the spotlight

Alex and Koa Smith seem to fare alright on any kind of's the standard shortboard from Glenn Minami. Photo: Lowe-White

Touted as the next great brotherly duo from Kauai, Alex and Koa Smith have been grown up in the spotlight. As a standout among his Hawaiian counterparts, the path to a successful career in professional surfing seemed inevitable for Alex. But as he has quickly learned, no matter how many accolades, trophies, and photo spreads you’ve got under your belt, a renewal on your contract is never guaranteed. After parting ways with his longtime sponsor, SURFER talked to a surprisingly optimistic Alex about brand loyalty, brotherhood, and of all things, Costco’s return policy.


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