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4/20-4/26. On 5/18 off 5/30. off 8/6

Meet Kelia Moniz. An ESPN interview.

Timeless Hawaiian style and grace, Kelia Moniz. By Tom Servais

Kelia Moniz is from Oahu and comes from a family of surfers. Her father Tony falls into the "legends" category. Her mom, Tammy, is very active with the family business, Faith Surf School. Kelia also has four brothers, hence the nickname, "Sister." She's sponsored by Quiksilver/Roxy, travels the world, and has had some great contest results surfing against the best women longboarders in the world. But the best thing about watching Kelia surf is seeing how much fun she's having, always smiling. And she's so stylish and smooth. Surely we'll be seeing more of her in the years to come, here's a little more backstory:


Winners: Karla Costa Taylor, Lilly Pollard and Melanie Bartels Bodyboarding Champ, Best Tube, Longboard Champs

Winners: Karla Costa Taylor, Lilly Pollard and  Melanie Bartels
Bodyboarding Champ, Best Tube, Longboard Champ
Fun Waves Wrap Up the SeaHawaii Womens Pro Pipeline
Sunday, March 11, 2012
The final day of competition today at Ehukai Beach featured the Pro Women's Bodyboard division and a Longboard Expression session.

Two future World Champs: Julian Wilson and Gabriel Medina re-sign with FCS

2010 saw the release of Julian’s signature fin the FCS JW-1

Surf News, 9 March,  FCS is pleased to announce the re-signing of Julian Wilson and Gabriel Medina to their global surf team. Following a remarkable 12 months of success highlighted by multiple victories, both surfers were keen to maintain their commitment to the Genuine FCS products that have assisted in maximising their surfing performance.

2010 saw the release of Julian’s signature fin the FCS JW-1, a fin that’s become highly popular among professional and recreational surfers around the world. In the latter half of 2011 Jules hit his straps in the competitive arena securing a string of final berths and a top ten finish on the ASP ratings.


The revengeful spirit of Jeff Hubbard, one of the best bodyboarders of all time.

He is blonde and comes from Honolulu, Hawaii. Jeff Hubbard knows the meaning of victory and defeat for more than 20 years. He has been riding bodyboards, in small and big waves, since the 20th century.

Jeff Hubbard was born on the 21st October 21, 1975, and has collected more than 40 titles in bodyboarding contests. The aerial expert is getting younger. His first world bodyboarding title only came in 2006. Three years later, in 2009, he repeated the achievement and proved ageing has its benefits.

Last year, Jeff Hubbard lost the third world domination in the dying moments of the last stage of the IBA World Tour, at Fronton Pro, Canary Islands.


Strong solar storm reached Earth Thursday 3.8.12

Global Surf News, 8 March, A strong geomagnetic storm is racing from the Sun toward Earth, and its expected arrival on Thursday could affect power grids, airplane routes and space-based satellite navigation systems, U.S. space weather experts said. The storm, a big cloud of charged particles flung from the Sun at about 4.5 million miles per hour was spawned by a pair of solar flares, scientists said.

This is probably the strongest such event in nearly six years, and is likely more intense than a similar storm in late January, says Joseph Kunches, a space weather specialist at the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This solar disturbance is a three-stage affair, or as Kunches said "We hit the trifecta."


Noll Surfboards, the surf brand founded in 1951 by Greg Noll, announced an exclusive collaboration with Billabong for summer 2012

Noll Surfboards, the surf brand founded in 1951 by Greg Noll, announced an exclusive collaboration with Billabong for summer 2012. The new line is based on the historic surf lifestyles surrounding the original big wave legend Greg "Da Bull" Noll and his son, acclaimed surfboard shaper Jed Noll.

Greg Noll's unrivaled bravado in giant waves in the 1950s and 1960s along Oahu's North Shore created one of the most powerful auras the sport has ever known.


Surfer, the Bar presents: Talk Story Series ftg. professional photographer Brian Bielmann | Hosted by Jodi Wilmott tonight!

March 7. Talk Story Series ftg. professional photographer Brian Bielmann | Hosted by Jodi Wilmott
Doors open at 6p – Show starts at 8p
$5 Donation to charity
Internationally renowned photographer whose images have graced more than 150 magazine covers, the pages of 30 books, and appeared in publications like Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal, National Geographic and Sports Illustrated. Brian is recognized internationally as a photographer at the top of his field. His specialization is in all aspects of the surfing lifestyle and he has worked with surfing greats the likes of Kelly Slater and Bruce & Andy Irons.

Post Snapper Interview with Kolohe Andino on ESPN

LOS ANGELES (Monday, March 5, 2012) – The highly anticipated arrival of ASP World Championship Tour rookie Kolohe Andino (USA), 17, has finally gone down, with the California Prodigy taking a 13th place finish in a solid showing, where he nearly scalped eventual Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast runner-up Adriano de Souza (BRA), 25, in their Round 3 clash. ESPN caught up with Andino to see what his first experience as an official member of the ASP Top 34 was all about… Surfing against Slater, the relief of wrapping up his first event and looking ahead to Bells. This… is their story…


The SpongeBob's Surf & Skate Roadtrip

Kids are loving it. The newest "SpongeBob's Surf & Skate Roadtrip" video game has been released for XBox 360 and Nintendo DS and feature a creative world of boardriding stunts.

SpongeBob and his very best Bikini Bottom pal, Patrick, have entered an incredible planet of waves and ramps to put your boarding skills to the test.


"SpongeBob's Surf & Skate Roadtrip" is a action sports console game for the youngsters, but it wouldn't be strange if the veterans get into it. The arcade-style challenges are funny and fluid and offer head-to-head competitions, too.

There are seven challenges to face and 12 sublime environments to discover. Whether you're a passionate surfer or a skateboarding fan, there's plenty of experiences to live in a story or challenge mode.



Big Wave Charger Clark Abbey shares his memories and photos of his beloved friend Mel Kinney. We celebrated his legacy Saturday 3.10.12.

Mel cutting back into eternal bliss at Diamond Head.

Please enjoy a few moments with Clark Abbey....and join Mel's family and friends at Kaimana Beach this Saturday 930a-5p...as 'the saga continues'...

Hawaii has lost one of their beloved Native son, Melvin Kanaulu Kinney , he was 57 years old.  On February 1, 2012 while watching the waves right off the bike path of Sunset Beach Mel suffered a heart attack. He fell into the arms of his best friend Chuck Andrus, less than 20 minutes before then he was surfing perfect 6-10 ft Sunset for 2 hours


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