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Michael Peterson has passed on. Another legend lost. Our condolences to Michael's family. Our memory of him lives on.

Michael Peterson, who died today of a heart attack, was a unique figure in the sport and culture of surfing. While many tried to define him in various ways – as the second coming of Nat, or in latter years, as Australia’s Mickey Dora – MP resisted all comparison. His passing will send a jolt through the memories of surfers in Australia and worldwide who grew up with him, heard about him, or just saw him rip. To many of these surfers. it will feel like the end of an era.


The Nubster ... not just a trend Thanks to Slater & functionality

Lance SmithSean Mattison with Kelly Slater, doing research on the Nub.

Martin Potter and Peter Mel called it the guitar pick. Some folks called it the fifth fin. But Sean Mattison, creator of the cute, little, red skeg that Kelly Slater used in his quad at the Quiksilver Pro New York, calls it the "Nubster."

So Slater went to the finals in New York and Mattison, a surfer/designer/coach from Oceanside, sold hundreds of "Nubsters" on his Von Sol Surfboards website overnight.


Volcom Pufferfish VQS rolls through fun Makaha Saturday 3/24

Pic Zeke Lau © Volcom

In full Hawaiian style the day rolled on smooth with no worries

Local SNN News, 27 March, 2012 :  Volcom held its Pufferfish VQS Surf Series event at Makaha last weekend. It was perfect Makaha for everyone. Fun rippable waves, sunny and as always, beautiful. Volcom guys were giving away goodies all day for the kids too. Kids were surfing amazing out there negotiating Makaha's famous backwash.


The Box Pro 2012...Pipe Winner Josh Hubbard is ready for more shacks & launches

Last years extreme final day conditions set the stage for another amazing contest at one of Australia wildest slabs. The trials will once again be staged at Gas Bay and the main event will feature the new “Show-down” format that will be used in 2012. Margret River will light up with the worlds best riders from March 26.

Catch some sick local Vid from cinematographer, retired Marine Officer: Ben Mercier

I'm 37, a retired Marine Officer, originally from California and have lived in Hawaii for 13 years. I swam for the University of Hawaii from 1992-1997. I am currently working on my thesis in an M.F.A. in Digital Cinema (3 year program from National University). My thesis film is a surf ecology documentary about preserving and conserving the North Shore of Oahu and a history of the IPS and the Hui O He'e Nalu. I became interested in making films in 2008. I'll have a film trailer out in May when I start editing.


Taylor Jensen and Chelsea Williams Reign at Australian Longboard Surfing Open

KINGSCLIFF/NSW/AUS  – Current World Champion Taylor Jensen (California, USA) has held off a late charge by former World Champion Harley Ingleby (Emerald Waters, NSW) to win the Australian Longboard Surfing Open presented by Surftech.

The prestigious event at Kingscliff in northern NSW featured both men’s and women’s Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Longboard Qualifying Series (LQS) divisions with $20,000 total prize money.


Bethany Hamilton a True Inpsiration on the Biggest Loser




Contestants on The Biggest Loser were in for a treat this season when they were not only whisked away to Hawaii but also surprised with surf lessons from Bethany Hamilton, the pro athlete who inspired the film Soul Surfer.I surprised them on the beach," Hamilton, 22, tells PEOPLE of the episode that will air March 20 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. "They were super excited and maybe a little nervous, but I think they were just so stoked to be there."


Jensen to Take On Aussie Assault in Final of Australian Longboard Surfing Open Presented by Surftech

KINGSCLIFF/NSW (Saturday 24th March, 2012)- 2011 ASP World Longboard Champion Taylor Jensen (California, USA) is facing an Australian assault in tomorrow’s final of the Australian Longboard Surfing Open presented by Surftech at Kingscliff, in northern New South Wales.

The prestigious event features both men’s and women’s Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Longboard Qualifying Series (LQS) divisions with $20,000 total prize money.


Winner of the 6 Star Prime Telstra Pro: Hawaii's next big hope for World Champ potential...Sir John John Florence

John John Florence beats Ola Eleogram in the all Hawaiian final to WIN the Telsa Drug Aware Pro at "Margs" River in WestOz

I watched it like 1000's on Oceanic 24/7 Surf Channel 250 and hooted and hollered at JJ Florence's performance throughout the entire event.
A perfect 10 with tons of 9's. He's not only a Pipe all. This young man could win a title for Hawaii, the Good ole USA. And do it in his 'hang loose' shaka style.
Ola Eleogram kicked butt too and should be on the tour with a major sponsor! Sponsors? This guys a gold mine! Gq


How to stay sharp. Taylor Knox shares some pointers

Taylor Knox, still taking heat wins after nearly two decades on Tour. Photo: Ellis

One of the most respected surfers on Tour, Taylor Knox has held his place among the elite for nearly two decades. Want to be a better surfer at 40 than you were at 20? Read on and take a notes from Taylor.

Surf with the Best. It’s been said that the best way to become a great surfer is to surround yourself with great surfers. “I think just being around such incredible surfers has helped me so much. You can be around some great surfers and not really feel anything, but then you’ll come across ones that really make you want to be better—like Mick, Kelly, or Dane. Their [World Tour] rating really has nothing to do with it for me, it’s more about respect for what they’re doing on the wave.”...


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