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Top Seeds Tear Apart Margaret River On Day 2 Of The Telstra Drug Aware Pro. John John. Freddy P, Slater,Occy, Owen...

Photo: Kelly Slater © ASP
3/20/2012 18:10PM West AUST

Margaret River was pumping out 6 – 8 foot (2 – 2.5 meter) waves for day 2 of the 2012 Telstra Drug Aware Pro today. The world’s best surfers were put to the test with long lulls, strong winds and big waves to battle in the opening Round of the Men’s ASP Prime rated Telstra Drug Aware Pro.
Kelly Slater (USA), reigning 11 x ASP World Champion, had the crowd on the cliffs at Margaret River in awe as he paddled out for his first surf at this break in 12 months. Slater stayed busy catching a lot of waves, both lefts and rights and posted the day’s highest heat total – 16.60 (out of a possible 20).


Swell Timing for This Week’s Australian Longboard Surfing Open presented by Surftech

KINGSCLIFF/NSW - Meet Australia’s top longboarders. They’ll be hanging 10 in this week’s Australian Longboard Surfing Open presented by Surftech.

To be held at Kingscliff from the 21st-25th March, the prestigious longboard event will feature both men’s and women’s Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Longboard Qualifying Series (LQS) divisions with $20,000 total prize money as well as a noserider specialty event, retro boards, amateur divisions, SUP surfing and racing, and coaching clinics.


Catching Up With Goofy Footer Ace Down Under

SYDNEY, NSW/Australia  – Adrian Buchan (AUS), 29, has kicked off a solid start to his 2012 ASP World Title campaign, notching a 5th place finish at the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast while matching Owen Wright (AUS), 22, as the top goofy-footer in the event. Following Snapper Rocks, Buchan skipped down to Merewether to compete in the ASP 6-Star Burton Toyota Pro to ignite a couple of lefthanders and while Buchan now has his eyes set on Bells, TRACKS Magazine caught up with Ace about his start to the year and being a goofy-footer on tour. This… is their story…


Talk Story Series @ SURFER The Bar with Darrick Doerner

Talk Story Series ftg. Darrick Doerner | Hosted by Jodi Wilmott
Doors open at 6p – Show starts at 8p
$5 Donation to charity
Renowned big wave charger who pioneered the sport of tow-surfing that launched the careers of other greats like Laird Hamilton and Dave Kalama. An all around waterman, Darrick has contributed to the progression of not only tow-surfing, but also paddle-in big wave riding, stand up paddling and windsurfing. From 1975-1996 he worked as a North Shore lifeguard with legendary guards like Eddie Aikau, Mark Cunningham, Terry Ahue and Brian Keaulana. His pursuits have graced surfing magazine covers around the world, and more recently were documented in Susan Casey’s book The Wave.



Girls Tackle Tricky Margaret River On Day 1 Of The Telstra Drug Aware Pro

Bethany Hamilton (HAW) made a great start to her Telstra Drug Aware Pro campaign. PIC ASP/Robertson.

MARGARET RIVER, WA/Australia – South west W.A. is swarming with the world’s best surfers who are in town for the 2012 Telstra Drug Aware Pro Margaret River. The event got underway today starting with the Women’s Round of 60, in blustery 3 foot (1.5 meter) conditions at Surfer’s Point.
Nikki Van Dijk (AUS), the 17-year-old from Phillip Island, Victoria, started the day with a convincing heat win. Van Dijk carved up the Margaret River line-up to advance to the Round of 48, where she’ll face Malia Manuel (HAW), Ornella Pellizzari (ARG) and Suelen Naraisa (BRA).


Ola Eleogram of Hawaii Placed 9th in the Burton Toyota Pro in Newcastle

Olamana Eleogram of Hawaii placed 9th in the Burton Toyota Pro in Newcastle Australia. He was the highest placed Men's Hawaiian at the event while fellow Hawaiian Malia Manuel was the highest placed Woman by placing 2nd.

Newcastle's Surfest 2012 comprises two Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) 6 Star World Tour events - The  Burton Toyota Men's Pro and the  Hunter Ports Women's Classic. Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS) has won the ASP 6-Star Hunter Ports Women’s Classic over Malia Manuel (HAW) in 2 foot (1 meter) surf at Merewether beach, Newcastle today.


Tao Berman gets towed into a couple big sets in a KAYAK!

Tao Berman, an extreme kayaker, has claimed a new world record for biggest ocean wave surfed in a kayak. The athlete, who claims three other world records, surfed a 40-foot wave at the Nellscott Reef off the Oregon coast. According to Matador Network, Berman had announced three years ago that he was designing a boat for big-wave surfing and that he would be attempting to set a new world record for the largest ocean wave ever surfed in a kayak. In the video below, Tao gets plowed by a wave at the 3:44 mark.



McIntosh rides 'Wave of the Winter' for 25k

By Jake Howard ESPN Action Sports.. Go HERE for the story.

"I thought the cameras were paparazzi for some celebrity, then I was like, 'Wait a minute,'" McIntosh said.

With a waiting period that has extended for the better part of four months, there was no shortage of worthy contenders: Bruce Irons, Jamie O'Brien, John John Florence and Kelly Slater to name but a few of the finalists. Through all the spray and backwash, McIntosh's bomb at Off The Wall on Dec. 2, 2011, stood the test of time.


Lucia Griggi, independent woman with a lot of lens (and a lot of something else).

Photo: Courtesey Griggi.

Check this ESPN Story By Jon Coen of a talented female photographer.

"Pipeline on an evening swim -- by far one of the most beautiful moments I have experienced from the water. It was glassing off and the colors were perfect. Pipeline is truly an experience, whether you're surfing, shooting or just watching," she says.

Despite the "Blue Crush effect" (that may be waning at the moment) surfing is dominated by X chromosomes. If surf photographers had their own clubhouse, there wouldn't even be a ladies room. And of the lensfolk who paddle into the ocean to shoot, you will rarely ever see a female treading a pair of Churchills at a heavy break.


Would you pay to watch the World Tour? ASP explores

Jeremy Flores, Teahupoo © ASP/ Kirstin

by Casey Butler at ESPN

World waits while ASP explores Pay-Per-View option

Surf News, 15 March, 2012 : When the ASP released its official 2012 World Tour schedule in November, Fiji's happy return and the memories of last year's Teahupoo and New York City comps promised a riveting season. When we lost New York in December, half of us said good riddance to the so-called "City Tour." A few days later, an upgraded Cold Water Classic at Santa Cruz added some diversity in the form of an iconic and challenging American break. People were ogling the roster, going, "Dayumn, Tour, you look fine. Where you been hiding these past couple of years?


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