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Public dissent over Laniakea barriers heats up

Environmentalists are pushing to have barriers removed from Oahu's North Shore.

The Save Laniakea Coalition and several Laniakea Beach users filed a lawsuit Thursday against the state Department of Transportation to have them taken away.


To: SNN, From: JJF - P.S. you're welcome!


It’s the new year and because Mr John John Florence and Mr Blake Kueny are both so very generous, we’re gifted their newest edit, Enjoy, which documents John’s travels through Europe during the world tour leg. John’s brother Ivan also stars, with some additional footage by Erik Knutson and jams by Josephine Baker, Martin Hall and Pond. There’s nothing else to say except: Press play. 


Surfers still lag behind skaters in social media

Alana Blanchard © ASP.

New Athlete Index Rankings go live on Hookit. There's still far more skaters on planet earth and thats fine with most surfers.

1 January, 2014 - Hookit released athletes rankings ending for the month of December 2013. The top three surfers were, in order, Alana Blanchard, Bethany Hamilton and Kelly Slater. 

While the top five rankings were held by Skate, Rally and MMA (skater Rob Dyrdek had 4,987,156 social media interactions), Alana Blanchard landed in sixth place with 2,367,906 social media interactions followed closely by Rip Curl team mate Bethany Hamilton.

The Hookit Index crunches numbers from social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.


Makua Rothman song charts on reggae top ten

The North Shore's Makua Rothman, 29, is known for his surfing exploits, but recent musical accomplishments are adding to his reputation. "As long as I can remember I've always played music and sang," he said. "I make music for me, and the fact that people are supporting that is amazing."

Due to surf career obligations, Makua was not able to record seriously until 2012 when he released the EP Makanale Road. His album Sound Wave has been out since early December, and its lead single, Lovely, peaked at number four on Billboard's Digital Reggae Singles chart.


Mick Fanning may have won the World Title, but Kelly Slater, John John Florence, and Dane Reynolds are the top three surfers who owned 2013 according to RedBull.

The 10 Surfers Who Owned 2013

Meet the surfers who stole the year of the snake.

1. Kelly Slater
The nearly 42-year-old American has won two world titles and finished runner-up twice in the last four years. For any other surfer, and yeah, that includes Joel and Mick, it'd be a career-best quatrain. But Kelly has been winning world titles since 1992 when he became the youngest-ever champ at 20. When the mood strikes, Kelly is still capable of surfing above every single other surfer on tour....


Monday Moments with Matt Meola


Matt Meola lives in a windblown creative pocket on Maui. He and pal Albee Layer spend their days spinning wildly off kinda scary sections into kinda gusty winds and inventing tricks, and when they’re not doing that they’re hunting animals or drinking beer or just generally livin’ the good life. But what’s most amazing about Matt and Albee is their penchant for above-lip activity that is the opposite of boring.


The perfect Pipe swell


Banzai Pipeline has delivered two consecutive days of classic big wave surfing, on the 21st and 22nd December, 2013. Add the words "epic" and "memorable" to the adjectives list.

The pro surfing craziness has settled down, we've got a new world champion and it's winter time on the Oahu's North Shore. Is there anything new? Well, maybe.


A sit down with Shane Dorian

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Shane Dorian should be your role model. The 41-year-old from Kona, Hawaii has worn more hats — and worn them well — than perhaps any other surfer in history. WCT Top-5 finisher. World record holder. Big-wave barrel connoisseur. XXL Award staple. Webcast commentator. Inventor. Actor. OK, maybe that last hat didn’t fit perfectly, but still, the guy does life about as well as life can be done. And although he is the undisputed big-wave champion of the world, he knows surfing isn’t the end-all and be-all. Shane’s priorities are as straight as the arrow of his bow, or the stringer of his 10’6”. —Taylor Paul


Grant Baker wins at the first stop of the Big Wave World Tour


Grant Baker has conquered the 2013 Punta Galea Challenge, near Getxo, in Spanish Basque Country.

The first event on the Big Wave World Tour got underway under beautiful sunny skies and perfect swell conditions, in the 15-30 feet plus range.

The South African big wave rider collected two 9.67-point scores to clinch the European contest, ahead of Nic Lamb, Ken Collins, Adur Letamendia, Ramon Navarro and David Bustamante.


From John John's perspective and it's unique, of course.

Who else better to give us the low down on JJF than himself at his favorite spot? You can see from how John John describes his waves at the Pipe Masters that he's so familiar with Pipe. So familiar with what is definitely not familiar to 99.9999% of the surfing planet. We wish it could be us talking about our local surf spot. Merry Christmas!


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