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Oakley Pro Bali preview

The countdown has officially begun, but if you’re as impatient as we are June 18 is still a long ways away, which is why we’re glad you’re here.

We have created a one-of-kind destination for you to engage with the Oakley Pro. Loose yourself in the stunning surf photography, captivating video entertainment and insightful editorial. Check out competitor stats and learn about the legendary Keramas right – trust us when we say this will help with your Fantasy Surfer picks. Take a tour of Bali through the eyes of acclaimed Surfer Magazine photographer Jason Childs – but be forewarned this will make you want to book a trip. And do check back, because we’re adding new goods on the daily.

“Part of the glamour and allure of the World Championship Tour, is the exotic destinations the surfers travel to,” said Ronny Nelson, Oakley Surf Sports Marketing Manager. “We kept that in mind during the development of this website. In addition to showcasing the amazing talent of the ASP Top 34 and the drama of the competition, we also really wanted to bring Bali to life for everyone watching the webcast at home.”
And we wanted to start now!

At some time and place in history, Bali and its wealth of world-class waves were a South Pacific secret. It was an island with as many great waves as the North Shore of Oahu, but with more variety: long, racy, top-to-bottom barrels; open-face waves perfect for an array of maneuvers; beachbreaks and reefbreaks; warm sand and a welcoming population. Those who knew, didn’t tell. Those who told, weren’t welcomed back.

The secret has been out for some time and the Padang Padangs, Uluwatus and Canggus’ of the island are well known and high on every surfer’s bucket list. But how it went from unshared secret to the host of an ASP World Tour event is a story of desire and patience. And it starts by thinking small.

“When we started with that junior event [in 2008] we knew we wanted to make it something special, so we knew it had to have two things: amazing waves and money,” says Ronny Nelson, who oversees the Oakley Surf Team and has dreamed about bring a WCT event to Bali for nearly a decade. “Make those two things happen, and we knew we’d have something.”

Enter Keramas. A wave that offered barrels and launch ramps, power turns and room for innovation. The world’s best juniors made the trip over the years and the event quickly became a favorite on the junior circuit. It began as an unsanctioned event in 2008, but by 2010 it was part of the junior tour, and in 2012 was the site of the first ASP champion being crowned in Indonesia (Jack Freestone).

The dream, however, always lingered. Having built a strong working relationship with the governing bodies in Bali and knowing that a WCT event was the mountaintop, the decision was made to elevate the event to the next level for 2013. Among the field of the world’s best 34 who will compete at the Oakley Pro Bali are former junior competitors (Dusty Payne, Alejo Muniz, Nat Young and Sebastian “Seabass” Zietz) who are familiar with running a contest at one of the country’s true nuggets and who are anxious to get back to the venue as pros.

“It’s been a dream to own a WCT event at Keramas,” Nelson says. “It’s the premiere surf destination for the world and were psyched to be bringing it to the eyes of the WCT audience.”

The venue, the talent and the prize purse are set. The dream is soon to be a reality.

The much-anticipated question has been answered! Bruce Irons will return to the site of his first Association of Suring Professionals (ASP) World Championship Tour (WCT) victory to compete in the inaugural Oakley Pro Bali. Recognized among surfers the world over for his fearless tuberiding check outabilities and progressive aerial maneuvers, Bruce will be a force to be reckoned with on the powerful right at Keramas, which is known to produce a dizzying combination of deep blue barrels and open-face launch pads.





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