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North Shore surfing beaches get new safety tips

The North Shore Lifeguard Association has published a surf safety poster with the most important safety tips for both visitors and residents.

The design and graphic layout were done by Pat Kelly, Rick Williams and John Bain and feature several instructions about the rip currents of the four most popular surfing beaches of the North Shore: Haleiwa, Waimea Bay, Pipeline and Sunset Beach.

The surf safety poster is now available to local merchants, realtors and individuals who share our interest in ocean safety education. You can read the entire information at


These full color, laminated posters display diagrams and written instructions have been printed with the support of a surf company. The goal is to have this valuable safety tool in every beachfront vacation rental, classroom, surfshop, restaurant, and other public areas on the North Shore.

The North Shore Lifeguard Association was founded in 1996 by the Honolulu City and County Lifeguards, who work and live in district three (North Shore, Oahu Beaches

North Shore Lifeguard Association Mission:

1) To develop and provide instructional programs for the public in lifesaving, ocean rescue, cardio pulmonary resuscitation and surf safety skills.
2) To develop and support community recreational activities including swimming and paddleboard races, surf contests, lifeguard competitions, as well as other ocean oriented events.
3) To support youth programs, such as the Junior Lifeguard Program.

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