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Lets compare 2 of the biggest waves ever ridden without making.

Let's take a look at a British surfer may have set a world record for riding a wave that dwarfs those we saw at the Mavericks Invitational suft contest this year.

Andrew Cotton rode a wave off the coast of Portugal that was believed to be 98-feet tall in the face or crest to trough (SNN: but tell me...where IS the trough?).

Residing in Croyde, South West, United Kingdom, big wave surfer Andrew Cotton often ventures across his homeland border to hunt down massive swells. This time, the giant, unruly surf at Nazaré brought ‘Cotty’ to Portugal on February 2, 2014. Media outlets around the world are buzzing with estimates of how large the wave actually was, possibly 78-80 ft, and questioning its possible ‘world record breaking’ status. (SNN: 'who' came up with 78-80?).

Cotton’s wave at Nazaré was entered into the Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards as a ‘ 2014 Ride of the Year’ entry. Lucky for us, filmer Jose Pedro Gomes captured it all for your viewing pleasure:

Now, lets go back to Carlos' Behemoth below which, in our estimation, is in the same near 100' realm. But Carlos gets a smooth wave and goes deeper and straightens out and falls. Andrew gets a bumpier, heavier one but angles towards safety and falls.

Which guy would you 'give the nod' to for 'heaviest'? for biggest? In our estimate Andrews wave is the bigger, heavier, meaner wave. But Carlos gets the nod for performance.

Make it or not...these are thee biggest waves anyone's ever surfed. Frankly, we dont quite get why some dudes down play these men and what they accomplished. The unknown realm will take some getting used to. At least they've entered the arena.

Notes: Photo's of the Waves at Nazarene are taken from on high giving the already GIANT wave an even bigger look as the trough is so long and flat and deceiving. The wave is so complex esp at this size that one wave will jack and re jack making it tough to estimate maximum peak cresting. Surfers may or may not be 'in the zone' when this occurs.

Carlos' wave starts at 2:50 in the vid.

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