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Johnny Stone says "NO" to Monsanto

Today at 5pm Hawaii Standard Time, noRep Boardshorts will release Protest Shorts: Evict Monsanto.

These limited edition shorts – only 300 pair made – were designed by North Short-based artist Drew Toonz to bring awareness to the Evict Monsanto movement.

Monsanto, the multinational chemical corporation famous for producing Agent Orange and RoundUp is also a leading manufacturer of genetically modified seeds, foods and pesticides. Whether you know them as GMOs, genetically engineered crops, or biotechnology, they all depict the act of inputting new genes into an organism in order to produce an acquired trait.

By definition it sounds harmless, and large corporate farms, such as Monsanto, are actively practicing this method. According to Monsanto, producing GM crops is beneficial to consumers and allows for insect-resistant, and drought and herbicide tolerant plants.

However, as an environmentally concerned society, we are just not buying it. Underneath Monsanto’s polished statements hides a deeper truth, and we want answers. For starters, there have not been conclusive, independent scientific studies done proving the absolute safety of GMOs.

Public concern of Monsanto’s action extends beyond the production of GMOs. Their use of pesticides and insecticides on farmlands brings fear of chemical runoff into the earth and oceans that we depend on for life. What will happen if these chemicals flow into our streams, our oceans, marine life, and inevitably into our bodies?

In fact, such a risk was seen in Kaua‘i where middle school students found health problems, all created by chemicals carried over from a nearby Monsanto farm, carried by the wind. However, it does not matter if you are a surfer who loves the ocean, or even just a resident of Hawai‘i; this is an issue that is relevant to anyone who cares for the future of our planet.




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