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Hawaii's Mike Prickett, an internationally acclaimed underwater cinematographer, arrived in San Diego California this-morning to continue medical treatment for the severe case of decompression sickness he sustained during a dive accident in Tahiti two weeks ago.

Prickett, 47, flew overnight from Tahiti under medical supervision and fared well on the journey. He is still partially paralyzed from the waist down but has regained minor movement in his toes and legs.

"Mike is very tired and relieved to be in the US," said his nephew Ryan Miyamoto, who is traveling with him. "He is in the ER at the UCSD Hillcrest Hospital now and hopefully we will know in the next day or two what his status is, what kind of recovery he can expect to make, how long that recovery will take, and when he will be able to return home to Hawaii."

A benefit to assist with the costs of medical treatment was be held at Surfer The Bar on Oahu's North Shore  (Wed. March 28) from 6pm-10pm, including live entertainment and a silent auction. For those unable to attend the event, donations can be made online and at any branch of Bank of Hawaii:

Bank of Hawaii: "Pray For Prickett" account.

Mike and his family wish to sincerely thank all who have expressed their concern, are following his recovery, and have offered their support.


Recent posts....

Cinematographer Mike Prickett still sits in a hyperbaric chamber, suffering from a paralyzing case of decompression sickness. But after spending more than six hours a day in "the pot," as Indies Trader captain Martin Daly refers to it on Prickett's Facebook wall, things seem to be improving."He has regained some sensation and minor movement in his legs. Definitely not in his feet yet, but he's got the spirit of a if anyone's going to recover from this, you can bet Mike will," reports Jodi Wilmott, who released the first official statement about Prickett on Mar. 20 and has been in contact with him since.Coming to the aid of a diver in distress while on a commercial shoot in Tahiti, in an act that can only be described as utterly and purely heroic, Prickett dove 220 feet down to retrieve the diver, and then gave him the remains of his air supply as they made their way back to the surface. He subsequently got "the bends" and was paralyzed from the chest down.

News about Prickett spread like wildfire throughout the various social media channels, and the outpouring of support has been enormous. At one time or another it's safe to say that every notable in professional surfing has passed before his well trained lens. Among a multitude of other projects, Prickett was the director of photography for the Emmy-nominated 2007 ESPN release "Down the Barrel."

"We have a benefit at Surfer, The Bar next Wednesday, Mar. 28, 6:00pm to late," added Wilmott. "Live music, auction, a good North Shore get-together for the surf community to hopefully help cover some of Mike's medical expenses."

For more you can find Surfer, The Bar on Facebook or go to

1st News break on story. (March 20, 2012) -Hawaii's Mike Prickett, an internationally acclaimed underwater cinematographer from the North Shore of Oahu, has been partially paralyzed following a diving accident that occurred during a commercial filming job in Tahiti. The accident happened last Wednesday and he is still undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Papeete.
Prickett, 47, sustained a severe case of decompression sickness while saving the life of another diver on the job. He was paralyzed from the chest down but has today regained some sensation in his legs. Doctors are hopeful for his recovery. 
"I was doing an underwater shoot for wetsuits and dive gear," Prickett said. "I saw another diver sinking and panicking. I dove down to 220 feet to save him, but he used up all my air. I'm glad I was able to rescue him and he could walk away from the incident.
"I want to thank my family and friends for their prayers. I really need your prayers right now."
Prickett was scheduled to appear next Wednesday, March 28, in a Talk Story event at the North Shore's Surfer The Bar at Turtle Bay Resort. A benefit for his medical and related expenses will now be held in its place. More details will be announced shortly.
In 1984, Prickett was in a serious car accident, breaking his right leg in 36 places, and his left leg in seven places. Doctors thought he would never walk again but suggested swimming as therapy. His rehabilitation time led to a passion for underwater cinematography.

Mike has filmed in nearly every ocean in the world and has won numerous awards for his work including Emmys and Best Cinematography at the Sundance Film Festival. His feature film work includes Riding Giants, Step Into Liquid, and Ultimate Wave Tahiti.

Mike's family today released a short video showcasing some of his underwater footage, titled "Pray For Mike". It can be viewed here.

Praying for Prickett from Brian Bielmann on Vimeo.

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