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Iconic 10X Paddle Board Champ, Big Wave Charger Jamie Mitchell Talks Story at Surfer the Bar tonight, Wednesday

Talk Story Series ftg. KonaRed Ambassador Jamie Mitchell| Hosted by Jodi Wilmott
Doors open at 6p – Show starts at 8p
$5 Donation to charity
Australia’s Jamie Mitchell is a defending 10x world champion paddleboarder, decorated big wave rider, and dedicated ocean athlete. Growing up on the Queensland Gold Coast, Mitchell was a state champion swimmer who turned his back on the pool to find international success in the ocean and on the waves. His professional dedication to training and technique is legendary in the world of watermen, and his affable personality have made him a favorite around the globe. Jamie is in Hawaii this week to launch his movie and compete in the Quiksilver Waterman Waikiki Paddle Festival.

Surfer the Bar HERE

Jamie's Bio

Hometown: Currumbin, Gold Coast, Australia.
Home break: Currumbin
Top contest results or achievements: 8 x Molokai to Oahu Paddleboard Race Winner, Nominated for 08 XXL Global big wave awards (Biggest Paddle in wave), Invited to Mavericks Big wave Contest (Alternate) 2009
Biggest wave: XXL Todos Santos
My typical surfboard is: Anything from my 5'10 fish to my 18ft Paddleboard
Sponsored by: Quiksilver, Kaenon Polarized, Future Fins, Surftech
Worst wipeout: Mavericks 2007
Favourite Food: Rocky Road Ice cream & Jocelyn’s Chicken Stir Fry with Oyster Sauce. 
My favourite five possessions include: Car, Jet Ski, Laptop, 4 Man Surfing Canoe, Paddleboard

Happiness is: Having a happy and supportive family and girlfriend and being able to do what u love and being able to support yourself and family doing it.
What do you appreciate the most in your friends? Support and Encouragement
My idea of misery is: Not Achieving My goals, and doing it tough at a 9am – 5pm job, while the surf is pumping!
If I could be something or someone other than me, I would be: I think a rock star would be pretty cool.
My heroes and why: My Family, My Girlfriend Jocelyn, Mick Di Betta, Terry Ahue, Brian Keaulana, Dave Kalama, Charlie Walker. Because every one of them has had a positive influence in my life and made me a better person.
If I could only eat one more thing, it would be … Chocolate
What I hate most of all is … Smoking. Give it up, would ya?
One talent I'd like is: To speak all languages.
Style of Music: 80’s / 90’s Rock!
Secrets: I have no secrets, I’m an Open Book…

My best childhood memory is … Growing up at the beach
Sword or gun? Sword. Like the good old days.
How I want to die … Doing something I love.
Life motto: Nothing but 100%
My passions outside of surfing are: Paddle boarding.
In five years time, I will be: Hopefully happy, married, kids, and a house. And of course still surfing and paddling.

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