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Hawaii Surfing Championship 2014 kicks off in Honolulu

This last weekend, May 31 - June 1 at Kewalos Basin in Honolulu, HI, noRep Boardshorts hosted the first of a 3 event series dedicated to giving Hawaii pro surfers their very own local contest series.

It is surprising that Hawaii - the surf capital of the world - has no events to give local surfers a chance to qualify to major ASP events.

“When I came back from the 2013 World Longboard Championships, I found out that they cancelled the only 2 ASP Professional Contests. Being that Hawaii is the birthplace of surfing and the surfing mecca of the world, it’s sad to see there are no surf contests on the south shore, so this is my way to give back to the surfing community.” – Kai Sallas, Pro Longboarder, Event Co-Founder

“I think it's awesome that they are putting a string of events, keeps everyone excited for summer, gives everyone something to do and keeps the competitive fire here in Hawaii.

Its kind of a no brainer that someone step up and do this. Look at the venues that we have and the resources at hand, I'm psyched [about the noRep Boardshorts Hawaii Surfing Championship]” –Flynn Novak, Pro Surfer

“Its fun to be in the water with everybody, Thanks so much for putting the event on, we love having everything at home, we always gotta travel and having something like this, having fun, bringing everyone down to the beach is wonderful, its great!” – Zeke Lau, Pro Surfer

This is the inspiration for the Hawaii Surfing Championship: a grassroots event run by surfers in the most professional way, with out forgetting the ultimate reason for doing it. Organizers Tomas Klooserboer (noRep Boardshorts owner) and pro longboarder Kai Sallas bring fresh blood and ideas, such as the groundbreaking live streaming of the event.

The goal of the Hawaii Surfing Championship is to establish a series of ASP sanctioned events, so that Hawaii's top surfers can compete for points to qualify for events like the Triple Crown or the World Longboard Tour.

With names like Flynn Novak, Sean Moody, Kekoa Bacalso, Dustin Cuizon, Zeke Lau, Isaiah, Josh and Seth Moniz, Mahina Maeda, Bailey Naggy among others, as well as co-organizer Kai Sallas, Nelson Ahina, Keegan Edwards were a part of the top 55 surfers who entered this first event. The prize purse for this event was $6,900.

Local sponsors were equally important and supportive, with noRep Pro Surf School, Toes on the Nose, Surf Garage, JMC Boards, Surfing the Nations, Rainbow Drive-In, Surf News Network and Fisheye Hawaii.

Mens Shortboard Division

1 Dustin Cuizon $1500

2 Josh Moniz  $750

3 Isaiah Moniz  $550

4 Randall Paulson  $400

Toes on the Nose Longboard Division

1 Kai Sallas $775

2 Nelson Ahina $375

3 Scotty Fong $175

4 Isaac Kaneshiro $175

Rainbow Drive-In Women’s Division

1 Mahina Maeda $375

2 Bailey Nagy $175

3 Missy Valdez $75

4 Brittany Penaroza $75

Surf Garage Team Challenge

1st Green Hornetz - Cole Yamakawa - Kylen Yamakawa - Zeke Lau / $1200

2nd Place: Team Yatta - Noa Mizuno, Kaito Kino, Kaulana Apo / $300

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