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Guinness World Records confirm Garrett McNamara's Nazaré wave as the biggest ever

Garrett McNamara has officially surfed the biggest wave ever. The Guinness World Records have confirmed that McNamara has ridden a 78-foot wave (23,7 metres) in Nazaré, Portugal, to dethrone Mike Parsons and his wave at Cortes Bank.

The announcement was made during the 2012 Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards and confirms what has reported in November 2011, right after the incredible stunt in the Nazaré Canyon.

The Portuguese wave was not immediately seen as the biggest ever to be surfed. Several international sources, magazines and personal lobbies were at stake and it was clear that Europe and its waves were under heavy fire. Justice has been done.


Watch the wave surfed by Garrett McNamara, in Nazaré, Portugal,


Mike Parsons rode a fantastic wave. He is one of the best big wave surfers in the world and will certainly want to improve his record. The thing is: Garrett McNamara was lucky enough to get a bigger wave.

"It is an honour to bring this title to our waters. Thank you, Garrett. It's great to work with you. For the strength, bravery and the constant will to improve. Nazaré is a bit like your second home and our population admires you. We wish you the best and hope to meet you next year October, with good and big waves", says Jorge Barroso, mayor of the town of Nazaré.


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