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Ezekiel Lau crowned Billabong Pro Tahara Champ, Japan's biggest surfing event!

Ezekial Lau © S. Yamamoto / ASP Japan

On a role...Hawaii's future is Ezekiel Lau crowned 2012 Billabong Pro Tahara Champion

Surf News, 29 July, 2012 : The ASP 4 Star event Billabong Pro Tahara presented by XPERIA Sony Smartphone, is the largest surfing event in Japan. The final and Day 5 of the event went off on schedule for the quarter, semis and grand finals. With clear skies and summer weather at Tahara this morning the conditions were 1 to 3 ft with clean conditions.

Semi finals was a great 25 minute international shown down with Masatoshi Ono (JPN) vs. Hairil Anwar (IND) in heat 1. Ono opens the exchange with a backside attack and scores 5.33. Anwar answers back with a excellent 8.50 for a front side air to take a early lead. Anwar furthers his lead and wins by 16.50 to Ono with a 9.03.

Billabong Pro Tahara
Presented by Xperia & Sony Smartphone

ASP 4-Star Men's event
Long Beach, Irago, Aichi Japan
25 - 29 July 2012

Live Coverage

Semi finals heat 2 was another great showdown of Ezekiel Lau (HAW) vs. Thomas Woods (AUS). Lau went to work early with combined scores of 9.60 including a 6.00 for an air. Woods comes back and takes over the lead however Lau wasn’t over and scores a 6.07 and takes over again. Lau wins by 12.07 to Woods with a 10.40.

The 30 minute decider was a great grand final of Lau and Anwar the 2 inform surfers of the event. Anwar goes to work early but Ezekiel gets a 7.83 for a 360 air. Anwar fights back with a 6.00. With 15 minutes remaining Lau leaps the lead by 14.50 to Anwar with a 9.50. With 5 minutes remaining Anwar acores a 5.90 but not enough and Ezekiel Lau wins by 14.50 to Anwar with a 11.90.

“Thank you all. It was such a great event. Thank you Billabong and everybody in Japan. I came to Japan before when I was still a child but this time it was so nice again. Thank you once again to everybody with the event.”

Billabong Pro Tahara 2012 Final Results:
1st, 1000Pts, U$15,000: Ezekiel Lau (HAW)
2nd, 750Pts, U$7,500: Hairil Anwar (IND)
3rd place, 563Pts, U$4,250: Masatoshi Ono (JPN)、Thomas Woods(AUS)

Next stop on 2012 ASP Japan Calendar is OAKLEY PRO JUNIOR to be held in Ichinomiya Chiba on the coming August 4th and 5th.

Billabong Pro Tahara presented by XPERIA Sony Smartphone was broadcasted live via internet throughout the event.

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