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Duke's Oceanfest Day Two Perfection in Waikiki. Here's some results.

Waikïkï’s Premier Ocean Sports Festival 

11th Annual Duke’s OceanFest Continued with Jamba Juice Rabbit Kekai Keike Surfing and Outrigger Hotels and Resorts Waikiki Sand Soccer Championship.

Rabbit Kekai watched over all his keiki today at the Duke's Oceanfest. Surf was perfect, 1 foot to a solid two feet for the keiki who's ages ranged from 4 to 13 years of age. " I have been trying to bring the kids up and through the years a lot of them are champions already", said Legend Uncle Rabbit Kekai. " The most important thing I say to them is to behave, to honor one another and never fight or your out. Then I teach them maneuvers".  Rabbit Kekai talks about Duke Kahanamoku with love and respect. " Duke was the grandfather of all of us, he was my mentor and I learned the ABC's.... Rabbit  "...He rode Publics all the way in to shore with one graceful  stance. In Duke's time everyone would corner him for knowledge and he taught all the kids, he stuck up for me when I was a kid". 

     Duke’s OceanFest is dedicated to promoting Hawai‘i’s ocean sports heritage while perpetuating the legacy of Duke Kahanamoku. Duke Kahanamoku is regarded as Hawai‘i’s greatest athlete, winning six Olympic medals, including three gold medals in swimming, from 1912-1932. Revered worldwide, Duke 

is recognized as the “Father of International Surfing” and later in life was honored with the distinction of being named as Hawai‘i’s official “Ambassador of Aloha.” 

     This coming Friday, August 24, will mark the 122nd anniversary of Duke Kahanamoku’s birthday (Date of birth: August 24, 1890).  

     Also today the Outrigger Hotels and Resorts Waikiki Sand Soccer Championship concluded in perfect Waikiki weather. Todays event marked a major step forward in bringing Sand soccer to the islands. A tough tournment played by all. 

     Duke’s OceanFest is presented by the Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation 

(ODKF). ODKF is a public, nonprofit foundation whose mission is to financially support the development of individuals and organizations that perpetuate the spirit and legacy of Duke Kahanamoku. 

     The Duke's Oceanfest continues tomorrow Sunday with Outrigger Hotels and Resorts Sand Soccer Championship and the Jamba Juice Rabbit Kekai Keike Surfing event. The Duke Kahanamoku statue in the middle of Waikiki is the base for the events.

For more information about Duke’s OceanFest and ODKF, please visit

 August 18th Event Results:

Kahala Challenge Swim, Run, Paddle 

1 Paddleboard John Flanagan 1 M***** 8:17 16:19        42:45 

2 Paddleboard Fritz Kirk 2 M***** 9:34 16:05               43:40 

3 Paddleboard Kai Hall 3 M***** 11:02 15:52               43:49 

4 OC1 David Stackhouse 1 M35-49 10:42 16:53            46:00 

Overall First Woman

45 Standup Jennifer Lee 2 F*** 13:37 22:52                   56:28

Wounded Warrior Canoe Race:

Hawaii National Guard - Ho'okanaka

Dan Hiyama

Matthew Beals

Chris Maxson

Peter Van Lier Ribbink

Darryll Wong

Brian Arzadon


August 19th Event Results:

Jamba Juice Rabbit Keiki Surfing Event Results:


Boys 9/10

Isaiah Ingbino-Francisco

Girls 9/10

Tyra Gallano

Boys 7/8 

Nate Delamarter

Girls 7/8

Tiki Willis

Boys 4-6

Raven Hoku Diaz

Girls 4-6

Makana Fake

Super Menehune Boys

Kameron Dowin

Super Menehune Girls

Ester Lora

Boys 11-13

George Leong Titcomb

Girls 11-13

Riley Pardini

Stand Up Boys

Taniela Stewart


Outrigger Hotels and Resorts Waikiki Sand Soccer Championship


Winners of the COED:   Cows and Steers








Mens Pro/Am;  Blue Sky Pools

Andre Luiz de Souza

Luiz Olivira

Esra Esrason

Renato Oliveira

Daneil Mathis

Seth Jensen

Juranir Moraes Jr.

Alexandre Souza

Fabio Roman

Hugo Gutierrez


Media Contacts: 

Betty Depolito    Brett Imonen       Patrick Dugan 

(808) 781-2535 (808) 265-6667 (808) 741-2712 

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