Tuesday, September 23, 2014 596-SURF , 596-WAVE , 922-BONG , 638-RUSH , 572-SURF(MAUI) , 241-SURF (KAUAI) , 324-RUSH (BIG ISLAND)
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Duke's OceanFest continues today with the Ultimate SUP Showdown + Recap from yesterday's HIC Pro Junior

Coming up today is the Honolua Ultimate SUP event. Honolua Surf Co.'s Ultimate SUP Showdown is a Boyd event! There are 32 pro athletes for the invitational event which will have an exciting new format great for spectators as well.  Professionals  Travis Grant and Jamie Mitchell from Australia will be part of the contestants and from NZ Daniel Kereopa. The event includes SUP surfing and SUP racing with the "showdown" at the end. "This is a good week to be  in Hawaii for the Duke's birthday", remarked Jamie Mitchell. "The SUP Showdown is a good format and I really like it when people come up with new designs. This should be a great competition." Duke Kahanamoku's birthday is August 24th. It is the 123rd celebration. There will be a lei draping at 6am that morning.

  • ASP- Hawaii judged surf competition begins with heats of 4.  Heats narrow down to man on man format after the semi-finals.
  • Sprint race through the surf begins with heats.  Heats narrow down to exciting 4 person format before semi-finals.
  • Prize money and trophies will be awarded to the top 3 surfers and the top 3 racers.
  • Top 8 surfers and the top 8 racers (includes top 2 female athletes) from the surf and race competitions qualify for the "Showdown".
  • All 16 athletes start at the beach and paddle through the surf break to an outside buoy, then return to the surf break to navigate through a "W" shaped obstacle course directly in the path of breaking waves.  Upon completing the course, athletes trace their path back through the surf break to the beach finish line.  Top 8 athletes including the top female earn prize money.

32 of the world's top professional athletes are scheduled to compete!


The Pro Juniors were on today at Queens Surf in challenging 1-2 footers that tested their high performance skills. Patience was the call of the day with Ezikiel Lau pulling off the win. Lau won $2,000.00 for his efforts, bragging rights and ASP points.

"It was a challenging day, I knew I had to get good waves", said Ezekiel Lau after the win. "I had fun, took out a fun board and just made it happen." Thoughts were also on fellow surfer Jimmy Ulu Napiahi who was supposed to be in the competition but a shark changed that. He was bitten at home on the Big Island. "We grew up with him, I was real sad when I heard about it", explained Lau. "I have seen them and just bolted it out of the water but yeah we are praying for him."  Second place went to Roy Carvalho who surf solid all day in the small surf, he took home $900.00. Third was 
Ej Mitsui and 4th from Maui Imaikalani Devault who at just 15 is about to embark on a Jr. Pro career. This event was sponsored by Hawaiian Island Creations, HIC, who are solidly behind and supporting Junior surfing. "HIC is proud to be a part of the Outrigger Duke's OceanFest, and we're committed to sharing the sport of surfing in the spirit of Duke Kahanamoku." said HIC Founder & President, Stephen Tsukayama. 
In the Women's division the finals are set. Finalists include Bailey Nage, Moana Jones form the North Shore of Oahu, Meah Collins from San Clemente California and Maluhia Kinimaka from Kauai's north shore. The women's final will
held on Wednesday. 

More results will be posted on www.dukesoceanfest.com


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