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Final Day 4 of the Volcom Pipe Pro in Perfect Pipeline! Last heat about 345pm.

Above: Alex Gray (CA). Dropping into a good one in the first heat of the day. Photo: Brent.

Updated for Wednesday 2/1/12: Surfs firing 5-8' and glassy early with lefts and rights and barrells galore.

NORTH SHORE, Oahu - (Jan. 31, 2012) - The third day of competition for the 2012 Volcom Pipe Pro started this morning in absolutely perfect 10-12 foot Pipeline. We awoke to pumping surf that cranked all day long from the same WNW swell that washed out Pipeline yesterday.
standouts included three perfect 10-point rides (with a $1,000 bonus in cash from Electric's "Perfect 10 Award") given to Balaram Stack (New York), Dusty Payne (Hawaii) and Dylan Graves (Puerto Rico).



Other notable scores of the day included Bruce Irons (Hawaii) with a 9.40 and a 8.07 - giving him the highest total combined heat score of the day at 17.47. There were plenty of single wave high scores from Ian Walsh (Hawaii) with an almost perfect 9.87, Gabe Kling (Florida) with a 9.70, Carlos Munoz (Costa Rica) with a 9.27, Nate Yeomans (California) with a 9.23 and Mason Ho (Hawaii) with a 9.17.

Defending Volcom Pipe Pro champion, John Florence (Hawaii), scraped through today in a heat that could have been a final. Up against former Pipe champion Bruce Irons, Australian Anthony Walsh, and North Shore local Sean Moody, Florence had his work cut out. Florence made a last minute barrel to steal second place away from Walsh and advance.

"I was pretty nervous, I almost wasn't going to do my heat," said Florence. "I have a really bad kink in my neck, and my hand hurt... I kind of sat there the whole heat and luckily got a wave in the end. Anthony Walsh is so gnarly. That was definitely a scary heat to have... Moody and Bruce too... There are a lot of wash-through sets. It's fun but there's these crazy double ups that come in."

Pipe standouts that failed to advance through their round of 64 heats today included Dusty Payne, who did not secure a back up wave after scoring a perfect 10 on a draining Backdoor tube. Others Hawaiian's that didn't advance included: Myles Padaca, Ola Eleogram, Marcus Hickman, Roy Powers, Pancho Sullivan and Kekoa Bacalso.

Above: The Volcom Houses as seen from the lineup at Pipeline. Photo: Brent.  

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