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Day 4 of the Nicaragua ISA World Masters is LIVE...

Surf News, 18 July, 2012 :  The third day of the Nicaragua ISA World Masters Surfing Championship will begin in 2- to 3-foot waves at Colorado Beach at Hacienda Iguana. Cloudy skies loom over the event site, but the winds remain offshore. The surfers in the water for Repechage 1 are the Men’s Masters is Jon Hanna (PAN), David Lee (JAM) and Hugo Camacho (MEX).

Today’s competition schedule is the following:
- Repechage 1 Men’s Masters (Heats 1-4)
- Repechage 1 Men’s Kahunas (Heat 1-4)
- Qualify 2 Men’s Grand Masters (Heats 1-6)
- Qualify 2 Men’s Kahunas (Heats 1-4)
- Qualify 2 Men’s Grand Kahunas (Heats 1-3)
- Repechage 1 Men’s Grand Kahunas (Heats 1-2)
- Repechage 1 Women’s Masters (Heats 1-2)
- Aloha Beach Party

The event webcast will be live beginning at 7:35am local time (6:35am PST; 9:35am EST; 2:35pm in Paris; and 11:35pm in Sydney) with The Morning Show hosted by Mark Fewell at

The Nicaragua ISA World Masters Surfing Championship is made possible with the backing of the following sponsors: Nicaragua Tourism Institute, Gray Line, American Airlines, Canal 13, Amnet, Hacienda Iguana, Taca, VOS TV, Municipalidad de Tola, Flor de Caña, INISER; the following co-sponsors: Movistar, Dollar, Alamo, Comité Olimpico Nicaragüense, Hilton, Nuevo Diario, Guacalito, Condor, Servipro, Aqua Spa, CDNN canal 23, Nicasurfing; and the following supporters: Surfari Charters, Corona, Paso Pacifico, Renisa, Parmalat, Credomatic, Cruz Roja, Pantaleon, Canatur. The media partners are Pasión Xtrema, SurfersVillage and Surfos.

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