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off 9/15. on 9/28

Dax McGill and Kalani David win the Gold for 16 and under!

Verizion Hawaii World Junior Team captures the GOLD in a an event no one will forget. It was DAKINE...the ISA World Junior Surfing Championship Presented by Billabong competed midday Sunday HI time April 22, 2012 at
Playa Venao, Panama. The full scoops coming tonight.

HAW -  Kalani David. Credit:ISA/Rommel Gonzalez

HAW -  Dax Mcgill. Credit:ISA/Rommel Gonzalez
Dax McGill took home the Gold in the Girls Under 18 and Kalani David took Gold in the the Boys Under 16 thus clinching the overal team Gold for Hawaii Photo: ISA/Rommel Gonzalez

The Verizon Hawaii surf team entered the final day of competition in the lead and surfed their way to victory with a Gold Medal finish today!  Thanks to individual Gold medal finishes by Dax Mcgill and Kalani David is pushed team Hawaii over the edge.

Along with Dax and Kalani’s performances their teammates Mahina Maeda, Tatiana WestonWebb and Josh Moniz also made podium finishes in their respective divisions.

 Team Hawaii wrapped the final tally with an amazing 5 finalist representation out of 12 finalist in which 31 countries were represented.

Please check the official ISA World Junior Surfing Championships website for the full update of photos, videos, results and official news of Team Hawaii’s success!!!

A sincere MAHALO goes out to all of our sponsors, family, friends, fans and supporters that went into giving us the “MANA” that we needed to end the event on top of the World!!! Gracias!

ISA World Juniors Team Points Final Standings:
1- Hawaii
2- Australia
3- Brazil
4- USA


1. Dax McGill wins Gold for the girls 16 and under! Dax McGill, 14, is the youngest member of Team Hawaii. Hailing from the North Shore of Oahu, Dax came in to her maiden ISA as the reigning 14 and under, US National Champion. An aggressive competitor in and out of the water, Dax is also an accomplished Vert and Bowl skater. Dax's never-ending energy kept Team Hawaii's spirits high to say the least.

2. Kalani David, 14, wins Gold for the boys 16 and under! While many kids his age watch too much TV, Kalani is out in the ocean or at the skate park putting his elders to shame. Charging the skate bowl with reckless abandonment, surfing his brains out and riding his dirt bike wide open, he's got plenty raw talent and more than a few good tricks for a 14-year old. But wait 'til he turns 16; we're sure he's got a few more surprises still up his sleeve.

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