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Congratulations to the NSSS Sunset Beach Pro Jr winners Ian Crane & Moana Jones

The conditions at Sunset beach were ideal 4-6'  for the North Shore Surf Shop Junior Pro finals Thursday 1/24/13.

These top youngsters from around the world slashed and shredded their way through the lineup with powerful maneuvers and mature poise.

Top girls winner was 14 year old Moana Jones from Vland, and for the boys, Ian Crane from San Clemente. 2nd place finishers were Seth Moniz (who was dominating till the last 3 minutes) for the boys and Mahina Maeda from Sunset for the girls. In 3rd place, Keanu Asing and Baley Naje...FULL RECAP OF RESULTS inside...

"First off, I want to personally thank each and everyone of you on behalf of Faith (asp HI), Shane Beschen (director) and I,
Liam McNamara and north shore surf shop! ! I could not sleep but like 5 hours last night ( cause I am so happy to have been able to do the jr event )! The mens winner Ian Crane of California was able to get his best result of his life and he is not Hawaiian ! That's ok he is a great kid with a aloha spirit and so happy for him! Moana Jones (NSSS TEAM RIDER )won the women's and is going to be a name you will hear a lot of in the coming years !! Seth Moniz at 15 years old surfed well beyond his age.
He is now the #1 rated Hawaiian jr to start 2013 season! There so much I can talk about during this event but in the end of the day it was a historic moment in jr surfing/ Hawaiian surfing and my goals are becoming reality!

Aloha mahalo Liam

North Shore Surf Shop Pro Junior
Presented by Rusty and Da Hui

ASP 3-Star Mens Event
ASP 2-Star Womens Event
Sunset Beach, Oahu
17 - 26 January 2013

North Shore Surf Shop largest pro junior event in Hawaii

Surf News, 25 January, 2013 : North Shore, Oahu -- The 2nd Annual North Shore Surf Shop Pro Junior, presented by Rusty and Da Hui, finished up today in perfect 6 - 8 foot Sunset Beach waves.

This is the largest pro junior surfing competition in Hawaii’s history. It featured more than 100 of the top under 21 surfers in the nation – male and female – as well as juniors from Europe, Japan and South America. Carrying a 3-Star Mens rating and a 2-Star Womens rating, the event offers $18, 000 total in prize money.

Surf increased throughout the day providing epic conditions for the final rounds in the afternoon. The Women's Jr heat final was determined by great rides from the smallest competitor Moana Jones. After the older competitors, Baily Nage and Mahina Maeda missed a few good opportunities Moana was able to get a solid scoring wave all the way through to the inside securing her bid for the title.

" I was competing with my really good friends and I was really excited," said Jones. "I was super happy that it was bigger, I did not want it to be smaller, I was praying to God for it to be perfect and it was." Maeda, from Sunset Beach, preformed great high performance turns to take second place.

The mens final was close with Seth Moniz leading the whole way after a couple solid tube rides in smaller waves. Keanu Asing was hot through out the final but just missed out by pulling giant moves but just not totally landing them. Ian Crane from San Clemente California took the title with a last solid wave with high scoring top turns, an 8.5 was his score.

Crane is 19 and was happy with the win in the first event of the season. " I was kind of blowing it by falling then I finally got a perfect wave in the end that came straight to me, it was just meant to be." said Crane.

The event was a organized by Liam McNamera and with the help of many companies and donations form many entities the event was a great success. The Junior tour is now combined with ASP North America and gives valuable points for the youth to be able to compete in other events.
HDV Video is available by request.

Onwed by Liam and Brandee McNamara for more than 10 years, North Shore Surf Shop is regarded world wide as the shop to get the best board for your Hawaii surf trip. More pro surfer’s boards have been sold through North Shore Surf Shop than any shop on the globe. NSSS supports numerous riders on the North Shore including Barron Mamiya, Honolua Bloomfield, Luke Shepardson, Eala Stewart, Makai and Landon McNamara, Makana Pang, Noah Beschen, & Kaiser Auberlen.

Check the Full Men's Results
Check the Full Women's Results


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