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Cast your vote for the Greatest Athlete of All Time


Action sports don't take place on neatly manicured lawns or AstroTurf. Instead, they happen on vert ramps and snow-topped mountains, behind the wheel and on the crest of a wave, at high miles per hour and even higher altitudes, producing enough broken bones and concussions to make an NFL player blush. Which action sports star demonstrates the greatest combination of athletic talent?


Candidate Bios

Shaun White

      • First athlete to medal in both Summer X Games and Winter X Games in different sports
      • Won gold medal in 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympics, recording highest halfpipe score in Olympic history in 2010
      • 14-time X Games gold medalist, tied for most all time (12 Winter, two Summer)

Brenkus says: "Although he underwent two open-heart surgeries before the age of 1, for a condition that prevents ample oxygen from entering the blood stream, White turned pro at age 13 in snowboarding -- a sport so cardio-dependent that it burns more calories per minute than basketball. White went on to five-peat in Winter X SuperPipe and, in 2012, recorded the only perfect score in Winter X history."

Tony Hawk

    • Won 16 X Games medals, including 10 golds
    • Crowned vertical skating's world champion 12 years in a row
    • Won 73 pro events by age 25 (turned pro at 14)

Brenkus says: "The Birdman might be most famous for being the first skater to land a 900. But his incredible agility on a deck and in the air actually enabled him to pioneer many more gravity-defying acrobatics, including a backside varial, airwalk, stalefish, 720, kickflip McTwist, varial 720 and stalefish frontside. All told, Hawk invented nearly 100 tricks which are now staples in the sport."

Kelly Slater

    • 11-time Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) world champion
    • Youngest (age 20 in 1992) and oldest (age 39 in 2011) surfer to win ASP world title
    • Won 51 ASP World Tour events in his career, most all time

Brenkus says: "Slater's double-jointed backbone allows him to arch backwards far beyond the average 35-degree human limit -- he can actually touch his nose to the ground. This incredible range of motion not only helps him maintain balance on a surfboard, it's bound to help on the links, as Slater is a 2-handicap golfer."

Travis Pastrana

    • Winner of 17 X Games medals
    • Four-time Rally America national champion, most all time
    • Made NASCAR Nationwide Series debut in 2012, finishing in the top 20 in four of his nine starts

Brenkus says: "Pastrana's full-throttle style has led him to compete in various motorsports, including Motocross, Supercross, Freestyle Motocross, Rally car, Monster Truck and NASCAR. Over his career, he has accumulated a ridiculous total of 14 world records -- and a lot more injuries. Pastrana has consistently battled back from a dislocated spine, 15 knee surgeries, three separated shoulders, more than 25 concussions and more than 60 broken bones."

Dave Mirra

    • 24 total medals and 14 gold medals in Summer X Games
    • Won at least one medal in 14 of first 15 Summer X Games
    • Finished off podium only twice in 20 events during first 10 X Games

Brenkus says: "Before Mirra became the most decorated X Games athlete of all time, he was popping wheelies and jumping over garbage cans with his bike by the age of 6. Competing in BMX for 25 years, Mirra's body has been subject to upwards of 3,400 pounds of peak force each time he lands a trick. And at the age of 34, Mirra jump-started his career on four wheels by winning X Games bronze in his first Rally race ever."




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