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B4BC's new athlete ambassadors

Courtesy B4BC...Surfers Courtney Conlogue, Liz Clark, Sage Erickson, and Malia Manuel are all athlete ambassadors for Boarding for Breast Cancer.
By Colin Bane |

On Thursday, the non-profit breast cancer prevention and education organization Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC) announced a revamped athlete ambassador program and its new roster of pro athlete partners, including surfers Courtney Conlogue, Liz Clark, Sage Erickson, and Malia Manuel; skateboarders Mimi Knoop and Allysha Bergado; snowboarders Elena Hight, Kimmy Fasani, and Hana Beaman; and wakeboarder Tarah Mikacich.


"I've been involved with B4BC for many years and I'm honored that they've invited me to be an ambassador for them now," says Mimi Knoop, owner of Hoopla Skateboards and a five-time X Games medalist in Women's Skateboard Vert. "I've had a couple family members who've battled breast cancer and I've lost friends and family members through other kinds of cancer, so it's something I take really personally."

The pro athletes will help represent the organization at upcoming events like the X Games, the Vans Warped Tour, and the US Open of Surfing, where the B4BC outreach team distributes information about preventing breast cancer, including shower cards demonstrating breast self-examination techniques for early detection. Several of the athlete ambassadors and their sponsors also develop signature "cause-marketing" apparel, like the Volcom B4BC Iconic jacket snowboarder Elena Hight wore in competition last season, to help raise awareness and funds for the organization.

"Volcom does a B4BC collab every year and there will be a new jacket out this year as well as some other really cool products I'll be wearing throughout the season to help get the message out there," says Hight, who made news this month as the first female snowboarder ever to land a double-cork spin in a halfpipe.

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