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An interview with Randy Rarick and a surf community 'Happening'.

I got together with Randy Rarick at his home/office after a very special paddle out for Ricky Grigg Saturday the 19th. It was one of those days that made me grateful and proud to be a surfer in this community. Check out my interview and dont forget:

Hawaiian South Shore's parking lot...that's where it'll all go down this Saturday. Comraderie and history shared. See you there. Aloha and Mahalo, Gq, droppin in 4 U!

The Randy Rarick interview 7/19/14

Gary/SNN: Why not call this event the surf vintage auction vs surf vintage ‘happening’?

Randy: Because its exactly that…It’s not an auction…this is a buy- sell- trade arrangement; we’re bring everybody together: collectors and enthusiasts for the camaraderie, creating the ‘Happening’....

Gary: Are there appraisals and is there a cost?

Randy: Bring your collectables and we’ll appraise it for FREE. So from 9-3pm hopefully there’s buyers connecting with sellers. We’ll have about 200 boards on display as well as a lot of memorabilia.

Gary: Nice, what kind of surf stuff?

Randy: Posters, trophies, magazines, photographs, decals…all collectable surf memorabilia as we like to call it. It’s a way to buy a little piece of history, and you don’t have to buy a whole surfboard.

Gary: What is your passion for this surf vintage idea? Have you always been nostalgic?

Randy: Since I was 12 years old I’ve been a student of surf history and surf history is exactly what we’re presenting here.

Gary: When did you start surfin?

Randy: Back in 1960…so for the whole longboard era through the transition to short boards through the transition to thrusters…right up to the modern era. I’ve been intimately involved with it.

Gary: And, surfing history is all connected tangibly to our boards…

Randy: Yes, surfing history is laid out in the equipment we ride. So if you look at boards from the 60’s, transition boards from the late 60’s early 70’s…twin fins of the early 80’s…you can see the history of surfing laid out right there in front of you. So this is a great way to illustrate and dictate what the sport is all about.

Gary: So you do it primarily for the passion and fun of it…

Randy: Totally. It’s not for the money by any means. You can come down to this Surf Vintage Happening for free. We take only 10% to cover costs of set up.

Gary: A pure motive to stoke out the community…nice. Hey your boards…are they considered ‘vintage’ now?

Randy: That’s a good question and example. I worked for different labels over the years; I was with Dewey Weber, then to Surf Line Hawaii thru the 70’s, then in the 80’s I was with Lightning Bolt. And if you find one of my boards the Lightning Bolt would have the most value. So it depends on the label.

Gary: And the era…

Randy: Yeah, in the mid 70’s early 80’s everyone wanted to ride for Lightning Bolt. And everyone who wanted shape wanted to shape for them too. So it was thee brand to have.

Gary: How many shapers we talking about?

Randy: There were about 30 shapers but only about 6 were in high demand. So if you get a Gerry Lopez Pipeliner that’s gonna be worth a lot of money. If you get a Russell Kim its not going to as much. My boards probably fall somewhere in between all that.

Gary: That’s impressive considering all the other things you have accomplished.

Randy: I’m more known as an event organizer than a shaper.

Gary: Percentage wise how many longboards vs short boards do you shape?

Randy: About 80% longboards…and most of my short boards are built for North Shore waves.

Gary: What about unique, hybrid, non symmetrical designs…will those be there too?

Randy: That’s why the Surf Vintage Happening is so neat because there’s a trend…the young ‘hypsters’ as I like the call them are riding retro shapes…

Gary: Young kids…I see em out at Diamond Head a lot.

Randy: Yeah, they’re taking old designs and revamping them to be a modern rider but taking past elements into the future.

Gary: Nice…you’re gonna see everything at the ‘Happening’…in a parking lot no less. That’s classic in an off itself.

Randy: You’re gonna see everything from Tankers in the 60’s to early single fins to twin fins to knee boards. There’s going to be a little bit of everything for everybody.

Gary: And context for our sport…

Randy: Yes, plus you’ll get a sense of surfing history.

Hawaii's vintage surf aficionado Randy Rarick will be turning back the clock on Saturday, July 26th, at Hawaiian South Shore on Ward Avenue, 9am to 3pm, with a VINTAGE SURF HAPPENING, presented by Vissla: a free gathering for those with a soul for surf!    (continued below...)
Featuring collectors from around the Islands, the Vintage Surf Happening will offer a Buy-Sell-Trade of:
SURFBOARDS: Wood boards from the '30s and '40s; balsa boards from the '50s, and '60s tankers and guns. 
MEMORABILIA: Books, posters, decals, trophies, surf magazines, photographs and more.
PLUS: Paipo boards, knee boards, hand boards and other early vintage surf craft.
**All items must be 25 years or older - ie. pre-90s.
Also check out:
The Vissla Short Board Experience Featuring short boards from the psychedelic '60s; early '70s single fins; Lightning Bolts, Aipa Stings; '80s Twins; and first generation Thrusters.
Free Appraisals
Want to know what your surf stuff is worth? Bring it down for a free appraisal by onsite collector specialists. Sell it - Trade It - Take home something new!
Legends Special Autograph Session.
Food Trucks, Displays, Fun and Camaraderie!
Live music set by Tiki Taboo, vintage surf music at 12 noon.
HAPPENING at Hawaiian South Shore: Mauka Parking Lot
320 Ward Avenue, across from Sports Authority
For More Information: or call (808) 587-9055. Produced in conjunction with Hawaii Surfing Promotions. For vendor registration and display requirements: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call (808) 638-7266 FREE for all to attend


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