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All eyes on Slater as Hurley Pro draws near

Hurley Pro

ASP World Tour Men's Event
Lower Trestles, San Clemente California
15 - 21 September 2013

On September 15, the top 34 surfers on the WCT circuit, along with wild cards Mitch Crews and Dane Reynolds, will battle it out to take the title from the king of Trestles at San Onofre State Beach - Lower Trestles at the 2013 Hurley Pro.  

"Trestles is such a fun wave and the closest you can get to a skate park,” says tour standout and Hurley athlete John John Florence. “I think Kelly has been surfing Trestles for so long that he knows what works and what doesn't out there. To win at Lowers, you are going to have to mix power surfing with airs because everyone is surfing at such a high level on tour these days.”

All of the dramatic action will be captured through live webcasts, giving fans a birds-eye view of the competition, along with some exclusive behind-the-scenes moments through multiple camera angles and water cams.  In addition, the Hurley Pro will again feature an official App for iPhone and iPad, bringing the live event to the palm of your hand.

“San Onofre State Beach – Lower Trestles has been the backdrop to the finest professional surfers in the world for many years, and California State Parks is pleased to once again host the 2013 Hurley Pro,” says Rich Haydon, Park Superintendent III. “Known for consistently producing some of the best waves in the world, we are eager to showcase one of the crown jewels of the California State Park system.”

"I'm continually blown away by what the world's best surfers can do at this wave," says Hurley Pro contest director Pat O'Connell. "We've truly reached a level where these guys can pull off what they dream up, and Lowers is the perfect venue to watch them realize these dreams."

For the first time ever, Hurley is also offering five spots in an Expression Session featuring Rob Machado and an empty Lowers lineup between the dates of Sept. 15-21. The spots will be decided through an online bidding process, beginning August 26, with the nod going to the five highest bidders. All proceeds from the online auction will go to the San Onofre Foundation, caretaker of the San Onofre/Trestles region.



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